Jaafari : Saudi regime is engaged to the bone in inciting Terrorism Against Syria

NEWYORK,(ST)_ Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN , Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that the Saudi regime " is engaged to the bone " in inciting people to terrorism and send terrorists to Syria under "Jihad" claims and stories of unspeakable cruelty , including "sexual Jihad" and everything defaming Arabs and Islam." .

In a statement to al-Mayadeen TV Channel today Jaafari added " all of these issues are documented , including the two clearly recognized statements by the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal in Cairo that Saudi Arabia is arming the opposition."
Jaafari stressed that Saudi Arabia " incites terrorism and massacres " in Syria and the so-called " Islamic Front " is also a terrorist organization .

Syria has warned against support for and incitement to terrorism practiced by Al Saud regime , contrary to international resolutions, and sent since the beginning of the crisis, several letters to the UN and the Security Council confirming the involvement of the Saudi regime in supporting terrorism and incitement to commit massacres, carried out by armed terrorist groups .

Besides, in their public statements,  Saudi officials showed off support , to al-Qaeda and its allies and training them in Syria 's neighboring countries of Syria and dispatching them across the border to carry out terrorist acts inside Syria. A matter which puts the international community before its due responsibility .


T. Fateh

France hampers polio eradication in Syria, stresses health ministry

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Health Ministry has censured the statement released by the French Foreign Ministry on the national vaccination campaign against Polio in Syria, according to the official news agency.

The ministry stressed on Thursday that the French government's statement is groundless and a blatant intervention in Syria's internal affairs as well as it distorts human rights and international relations.

"The ill-favored step adopted by the French government can be considered as an obstacle to efforts being exerted by Health Ministry in Syria to eradicate poliomyelitis in cooperation with the relevant UN organizations, especially the World Health Organization and the UNICEF," the ministry said.

'Brilliant results'

It noted that the at least 2.177.000 children aged under five were vaccinated against Polio in the first campaign carried out in cooperation with 52 Non-Governmental Organizations plus the Syrian Arab Red Crescent all over the country.

"The results of the first campaign were brilliant in immunizing the children against the polio," the ministry said, adding the primary result of the second campaign shows that more than 2.000.000 children were vaccinated.

Negative practices

Moreover, the ministry underscored that the French government, in cooperation with Turkey, illegally enters trivalent vaccines to Syria in a violation of the international law.

It made it clear that that the bivalent vaccines, not trivalent ones, have been recommended by the WHO and the UNICEF to rid polio in Syria.

The bivalent vaccines were used in the campaigns launched by the health ministry in Syria.

The ministry called for stopping what it described 'negative practices' that breach the agreement arrived at between Health Ministry and the two organizations ( WHO and UNICEF) during the meetings of the 60th session of Health Ministers' Regional Committee recently held in Oman as regard eradication of Polio in Syria.

It shouldered the French government and the terrorist groups being supported by the French government responsibility for the re-emerge of polio in Syria and failure of efforts to prevent its spread.

'Money laundering'

"Helping Syrian children can be done through building infrastructure and stop supporting and arming the French terrorists and the others that are perpetrating brutal crimes against the Syrian people," the ministry said.

It labeled the French practices as 'money laundering' that is gained by France from supporters of terrorism in Syria in return for hostile stances to the Syrian people and children.

The ministry vowed to spare no effort to keep Syria polio-free as it was been since 1995 till September 2013.

Pakistani origin

Last year, the WHO declared that poliovirus that has reportedly affected ten children in Der Ezzour province is of Pakistani origin. The virus was brought by the terrorists who have come from Pakistan to kill the Syrian people.

 Basma Qaddour

Mansour: Lebanon has a clear vision regarding Geneva 2 conference

BEIRUT, (ST)- "Lebanon will attend the international Geneva 2 conference on Syria and has a clear vision and firm position regarding the conference, "said Lebanese caretaker Foreign and Expatriates Minister Adnan Mansour.

Mansour's remark was made during a radio interview published Friday.

"first and foremost, Lebanon, by attending the said conference, has a clear vision and firm position that serves its interest .Hence, it is none of Lebanon’s business if others are annoyed about its participation ,"affirmed Mansour.

Mansour earlier expressed a clear stand in rejection of the aggression on Syria.

It is to be noted that Lebanon received last Tuesday an official invitation to attend the conference from the UN General-Secretary Ban Ki-moon.


Al-Moallem meets WFP Director

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "Syria is  committed  to continue cooperation with the World Food Program ( WFP) to carry out the response plan of the humanitarian demands in 2014 to reach all the affected citizens,"said Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatiates Minister Walid al-Moallem.

Al-Moallem's remark was made during a meeting with  the Executive Director of the World Food Program ( WFP) , Ertharin Cousin.

During the meeting, al-Moallem and Cousin discussed the efforts exerted by the Program in Syria to offer the food, aid to the civilians affected by the crisis to which is it exposed, particularly women and children.

Al-Moallem highly appreciated the WFP's efforts in Syria ,stressing that the difficulties which encounter the relief work are because of the acts of the armed terrorist groups in different regions of the country.

 Cousin ,for her part, appreciated the productive cooperation and constructive efforts exerted by Syria during 2013, hoping this cooperation would continue to reach more affected people and offer aid to children, women as well as overcoming difficulties that face WFP in the country.


Russia, US convinced Geneva-2 should be held on Jan 22 – Russian Foreign Ministry

Russia and the United States share the opinion that it is necessary to hold the international conference on Syria in the time scheduled, on January 22, and consider military resolution in the Syrian conflict to be not viable, the Russian Foreign Ministry said following the Russian-US consultations on Syria, according to Voice of Russia.

"The necessity to activate efforts aimed at calling the international conference on Syria in the time set, on January 22, 2014, has been confirmed. It has been emphasized that the Syrian crisis resolution is solely in the political and diplomatic range. The attempts to achieve military resolutions are not viable," the Russian Foreign Ministry posted a statement on its website on Friday following the meeting held in Moscow.

During the consultations "it was also indicated that the forum should give a start to direct inter-Syrian negotiations on the basis of the Geneva Communiqué, in which framework the Syrians themselves will solve the issues of their future form of government ".

"Russian representatives have focused on the importance of combining efforts of the government of Syria and of patriotic opposition in combating terrorist groups, which activity threatens not only the future of the SAR, but also the regional stability," the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation has noted.

From the Russian side, the consultations were attended by Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov and Gennady Gatilov from the American side – by Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Ambassador at large Robert Ford.

According to the report, the participants of the consultations have noted that the forum aims to give a start to direct inter-Syrian negotiations on the basis of the Geneva Communiqué, in which framework the Syrians themselves will solve the issues of their future form of government.