Al-Halqi chairs HSRC meeting

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syrian government underscores importance of partnership between private and public sectors to finance scientific researches.

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi said on Sunday that there is a need to find additional sources of finance scientific research through partnership between public and private sectors.

In a meeting with the High Scientific Research Commission (HSRC), the premier said: "The government accords great importance to scientific research and ensures all its requirements (technical and financial ones)."

He asked concerned ministries and establishments to cooperate with the commission and implement proposals of technical and scientific development through national policy to encourage innovation.

"National Policy for science, technology and innovation upgrades level of scientific activities, link research commissions with services and productive establishments, and develop  a suitable  environment to knowledge economy and improve citizen's living conditions," the PM said.

According to SANA, today's meeting tackled financial and administrative report of the commission plus new ideas to push process of scientific research forwards. 

It was attended by ministers of Higher Education, Finance, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Agriculture, Education, and Industry, and heads of all circles concerned. 

Basma Qaddour


Iran: Syrian army should not be weakened

Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi  has said that Syrian Army, the vanguard of campaign against Zionist regime should not be weakened.

He made the remarks on the sidelines of meeting with Holy Qur'an reciters and memorizers from the armed forces of the Islamic states hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran,according to IRNA.

He told reporters that the crisis in Syria should be resolved through peaceful means and national dialogue between the warring parties.

He strongly opposed to interference of aliens in the country which brought harmful consequences for the Syrian people.

The Syrian problems have roots in covert and overt interference of the Zionists, he said adding that Iran has always adopted a rational stand toward Syria.

"On deployment of Patriot missiles along Turkish border with Syria, he said the move is not useful. We believe it will create misunderstanding among countries in the region."


UN humanitarian chief arrives in Syria

UN under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator Valerie Amos arrived in Damascus on Sunday for talks on humanitarian issues, sources told Xinhua.

Amos, during her two-day visit, will meet with Syrian officials from the Foreign Ministry, a UN source told Xinhua.

The visit, which is Amos' third one since the onset of the crisis in Syria in 2011.


HJC Halts Prosecutions against Opposition Figures

  DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Higher Judiciary Council decided to stop all prosecutions, if any, against opposition political forces and figures who take part in the national dialogue.

According to the decision, the opposition forces are specified by the government or the ministerial work team tasked with implementing the preparatory phase of the political program to solve the crisis in Syria.


H. Mustafa 

Jamil warns of 'fabricated' reports

MOSCOW,(ST)_Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Qadri Jamil warns that some parties are seeking to foil the political solution to the crisis in Syria.

Jamil restated on Saturday that any provocations or reports about probable usage of chemical weapons in Syria indicate that some parties are trying to foil the political solution.  

RT quoted Jamil as saying: "It is known that those forces funded by Qatar, particularly fundamental  ones, have small factories and laboratories to produce chemical weapons."

He added that those forces "armed terrorist groups "would use all possible ways including chemical weapons to fasten this accusation on the Syrian Arab Army to give western powers pretext to hinder the process of political solution.

Jamil stressed that western powers have started to see political solution' definite'. 

Basma Qaddour