Enemy Air Attack Reveals "tel aviv's" Involvement in crisis in Syria,says Grand Mufti

Israel's recent aggression against a Syrian research center in suburban Damascus disclosed Israel's involvement in the recent unrests in Syria, a prominent Syrian religious leader said.

Speaking at a meeting with Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili here in Tehran on Thursday, Syria's Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun said Israel's recent airstrike on Syria clearly exposed anti-Syria bids and the direct involvement of the Israeli regime in the crisis in Syria,according to FNA.

The Syrian Army said in a statement on Wednesday that two people were killed and five others injured in an Israeli airstrike on a scientific center in Jamraya, 25 kilometers (15 miles) Northwest of the capital Damascus.

He also underlined the need for increased vigilance among Muslims to foil plots devised by the enemy to create a rift among Muslims.

During the meeting, Jalili said Damascus is at the forefront of the anti-Israel resistance campaign and the Muslim world will not allow Israel to march on Syrian soil.

He said military action against Syria would be a bitter disappointment for Israel like its failures in the wars it waged against Lebanon in 2006, Gaza Strip once in 2008-2009, and November 2012.

The senior Iranian official described Iran's support for Syria and its resistance against Israel as whole-hearted and unwavering.



World and local condemnation of enemy's blatant aggression on Syria

CAPITALS,(ST)_China, Iran, Lebanon, the Arab League, Hezbollah, Arab and local parties and individuals have condemned  Israel's aggression on a scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus Countryside.

According to SANA, China stressed need for preserving regional peace and stability in the aftermath of Israeli aggression on the research center.

Chinese Foreign Ministry's Spokesman,Hong Lei, said: "China hopes that parties concerned would avoid taking any step that may escalate tension in Syria."

Iran described the aggression as blatant breach of Syria's sovereignty and unity.

Resistance is targeted

Al-Alam TV Channel quoted the Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi as saying: "Israel's aggression comes within the western and Israeli policy of escape forwards. It proves the right of the Syrian people and government to resist the Israeli entity."

He stressed that the armed terrorist groups'acts that destabilize stability and security in Syria go in line with Israel's goals.

Iran's FM appealed to the region's countries to show prudence to confront Israel's persistent crimes against their peoples.

Lebanon also sees that the Israeli aggression requires an Arab firm stance to confront it by all legitimate means.

 Lebanon's Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Adnan Mansor said: "The aggression reflects the reality of Israel's approach adopted since 1948 till today, which threatens Arab security and peace."

The aggression breaches UN charter

The Arab League (AL), denounced in its today-press release the Israeli aggression which contradicts the UN charter, International law, and the UN relevant resolutions.

It called on the international community to shoulder its responsibility and put an end to Israel's aggression on Arab countries.

"The international community's inaction towards Israel's shelling of Syrian sites in the past has encouraged it to carry out new aggression," the press release issued by the AL General Secretariat read.

It called for holding Israel responsibility for the aggression's consequences, underscoring Syria's right to defend its land and sovereignty and ask for compensation for losses caused by the aggression.

It is in accord with Israel's policy

Hezbollah said that the aggression is in accord with the Zionist entity's policy that aims to prevent Arab and Islamic forces from developing their military and technological capabilities.

The statement issued by Hezbollah's Press Relations added that the aggression unveils that what is going on in Syria aims to destroy Syria and its army because of its role in resistance.

The Iraqi Popular Front sees that the aggression proves failure of conspiracy against Syria.

"The aggression proves the Zionist entity's fear of the Syrian Arab Army which possesses weapons and capabilities that frighten Israel a potential decisive battle for liberating Palestine."

US-Zionist Plot

Meanwhile, Lebanese individuals asserted that the aggression is part and parcel of the US-Zionist plot that aims to destroy Syrian national forces.

The aggression unmasks the armed terrorist groups' link with this plot.

The Lebanese Union Party's Head, Abdul Hamid Murad, said the sabotage acts being carried out by the armed terrorist groups in Syria is a US-Zionist plot, stressing that Syria would never abandon its role in backing the Lebanese national resistance.

The MP Yassin Jaber, Member of Parliamentary Development and Liberation Bloc said the aggression asserts the Zionist entity's involvement in the acts of destruction and killing being perpetrated in Syria.

"The enemy seeks through this aggression to step up intension in Syria and the whole region as well," the MP said.

Confirms conspiracy

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine –General Command- said that the Zionist aggression on Syria is 'a direct aggression on all parties of resistance and a breach of the sovereignty of the whole nation'.

"The aggression confirms the reality that the conspiracy hatched against Syria under the pretext of reform is but a cover to pass the Zionist aggression to undermine Syria's national pan-Arab role."

Locally, the Baath Arab Socialist Party said the aggression uncover reality of the hostile conspiracy against Syria besides allegations circulated in the past two years.

"Arab people including Syrian one and all world nobles to confront the criminal acts that target Syria to serve the US-Zionist plot that aim to occupy Arab lands and have hegemony over Arab wealth.

All Syrians slam aggressors

People's Assembly (PA) also slammed the Israeli aggression which proofs Israel's direct involvement, along with the terrorist groups, in destroying the Syrian state's infrastructure.

SANA quoted the PA's Thursday-statement as saying: "despite political differences, the Syrian people are united against the aggressors on their territories and sovereignty and they will always be strong backup to the Syrian Arab Army to defend the homeland's dignity and sovereignty.

Syrian Human Rights Network said that the aggression is a serious violation of the international humanitarian law. It criticized the international community's silence towards Israel's acts of violence as it encourages Israel to go ahead with its arrogance.

Syrian consultative Center for Studies and Human Rights called on the UN Security Council to deplore the aggression which violates international law and UN charter. 

The International Federation of Arab Workers Union said the Israel's aggression proves international collusion with the Zionist plot that is targeting resistance.

Opposition parties call for accelerating solution

Syrian opposition parties including the Popular Front for Change and Liberation and the People's Will Party and "Souria al-Watan" Party,Syrian Democratic Party, and the Arab Socialist Union Party, also decried the Israeli aggression and expressed full support for the Syrian Arab Army.

"The Syrian high national interest necessitates accelerating the political solution to safely surpass the crisis in a way that the Syrian army carries out its basic duty in defending the homeland," the Front said.

The People's Will Party espoused the said statement, calling for bringing about a solution to the internal crisis through dialogue and national reconciliation as soon as possible.

"Souria al-Watan" Party said that the Zionist entity is the only enemy of Syrian state and people.

Fresh clue

The Syrian Bar Association said the Israeli aggression is a fresh clue to the bankruptcy and involvement of Israel in the crisis in Syria.

The National Union of Syrian Students said the aggression is part of a terrorist attack against intellectuals and scientific centers in Syria.



Russia condemns air strike on Syria as attack on sovereign state

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement expressing deep concern over Israel's airstrike on Syria saying that it violates the UN Charter. Russian diplomats are taking urgent measures to clarify the situation and to establish the details of the incident.

If this information is confirmed that would mean that we have to deal with unprovoked attacks on the territory of a sovereign state which is inadmissible, whatever objectives are declared as a justification,according to Voice of Russia.

Russia has again called upon the international community to stop the violence in Syria, prevent foreign intervention in the conflict, and assist the start of a nationwide dialogue based on the Geneva agreements.


Government takes first executive step in implementing political plan

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The political plan- committee headed by Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, has held the first meeting with national political parties and forces in Damascus.

The meeting comes within the framework of implementing the endorsed political plan based on national dialogue to resolve the crisis in Syria.

SANA reported that the committee held on Wednesday talks with Secretary General and politburo's members of "Souria al-Watan" Party and discussed what has been achieved to launch the national dialogue.

Dr.al-Halqi said:" Participation of political, social and economic parties is essential to boost the mechanism of dialogue to reach common ideas to draw up national charter meeting citizens' aspirations."

For her part, Majd Neyazi, the party's Secretary General, voiced support for peaceful solution and refusal of violence and the use of weapons by armed groups as well as call for stepping aside as a condition to solve the ongoing crisis.

"The party would spare no effort to contribute to rescue Syria from challenges that are facing it in the current stage," Neyazi, adding the "Souria al-Watan" is positively dealing with national causes.

She also talked about the party's activities as regard aid and communication with displaced citizens and coordination with all parties to agree on national approach to solve the crisis.

According to SANA, the participants in the meeting agreed on backing national dialogue program and political plan, and rejecting foreign dictations and meddling in Syria internal affairs.

They underscored that youths, including coordination group's youths and even armed group, who lay away  their weapons, must take part in the dialogue . 

The meeting, in addition, tackled citizens' basic needs, economic issue, national identity, and principle of citizenship.

Meeting displaced citizens abroad

Following the meeting , Neyazi told reporters the dialogue must be held inside Syria, calling on all Syrian displaced citizens abroad to return home because the country is moving towards new future.

She deplored the countries that are hosting Syrian displaced citizens for not allowing the party to communicate with the Syrian families in these countries.

"The government is serious in communication with opposition parties. We had an argument with the government about several points. We are going to present a paper, after two days, on these points," Neyazi said.

Neyazi denounced the International Donors Conference held in Kuwait, noting that Syria has offered a lot to the Arab countries' peoples and others. It (Syria) has never set up tents nor asked for money nor called for holding Donors Conference.

In other development, the committee tasked with supervising the return of Syrian displaced citizens to the country held today (Wednesday) its first meeting.

A new team

The meeting chaired by Joseph Sweid, Minister of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Affairs, debated logistic and administrative procedures to guarantee the citizens' safe return to home.

SANA reported that a team from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent has been formed to communicate with Syrian displaced families in the neighboring countries to brief them on measures adopted to meet their needs.

A mechanism for communication between the committee and the citizens, who want to return home, is to be declared soon.


Moscow condemns 'merciless' massacres in Aleppo

MOSCOW,(ST)_Russia condemns the terrorist massacres took place in Aleppo against innocent citizens, describing it as a 'merciless' crime.

SANA quoted a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation as saying: "There must be an investigating into the crime to identify the perpetrators specifically. We voice our deep sympathize with the Syrian government and people and the victims' families."

The statement appealed to all parties to contribute to immediate cessation of the armed violence in Syria and start unconditional dialogue under Geneva communique issued on June 30th to save citizens' lives and end their suffering.

"The bodies of the massacres' victims were found on the banks of Queiq River in Bustan al-Qasr in Aleppo where illegal armed groups are active," the statement read.

On Wednesday, a terrorist group from al-Nusra Front collectively executed dozens of abducted citizens and threw their bodies in Quieq River in Aleppo.

"The families identified a number of the victims, stressing that al-Nusra Front abducted them because of their refusal to cooperate with it and their call for terrorists' departure from inhabited areas," SANA reported.

It cited that authority and locals are cooperating to reach clues about the new massacre, which would be added to a series of heinous crimes perpetrated by this terrorist group against unarmed citizens.