Jalili: Sabotage, terrorist attempts in Syria will have no result

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili has stated  that the ongoing terrorist attempts and sabotage in Syria would have no result.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Syria's Minister for National Reconciliation Ali Haidar, according to IRNA.

Speaking to Haidar, Jalili expressed satisfaction with a progressing political trend presently underway among various Syrian political groups and the government.

Jalili reiterated that the only way out of the present Syrian crisis is a diplomatic solution.

Meanwhile, Haidar  briefed Jalili on various comprehensive plans made by the Syrian government to encourage the spirit of national reconciliation among different walks of the Syrian society and encourage the trend of reconstructing the country.

Referring to the Zionist regime’s air raid on Syria, the Iranian official said

the Islamic world would not tolerate any moves by the enemies, particularly the Zionist regime, to invade Syria.


Governors to organize meetings with activists

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Syrian government continues its meetings with all parties to launch national dialogue.

Today (Saturday), the political plan-committee held talks with governors to pave the way for organizing and holding consultative meetings with civil and social activists in all provinces.

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, who heads the committee, briefed the governors on reasons of the Israeli aggression on the scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus countryside.

"The aggression aims to escalate events in the region, district Syria from confronting terrorism, and obstacle regional and international efforts being exerted to peacefully solve the crisis in Syria," the PM said.

He underscored need for mobilizing national potentials, boosting communication with citizens, ensuring their basic needs, and backing the Syrian Arab Army who is offering sacrifices in fighting terrorist groups.

The premier also spoke about the political plan and results of meetings held last weeks with number of political parties to reach common ideas about all thorny issues to start national dialogue.

In this regard, al-Halqi asked governors to reactivate sub-committees' role across Syria, hold meetings with all parties including opposition and armed people, who lays down their weapons, under legal guarantees.  

As for services matter, the PM asked the governors to attach great importance to providing citizens with all basic needs (bread, fuel, gas) and following up situation of displaced citizens and shelters.

The governors presented proposals to organize consultative meetings and offer humanitarian aid to affected citizens.

Last month, a ministerial committee was formed to follow up the political plan outlined by President Bashar al-Assad to solve the crisis in Syria.



Iranian official arrives in Damascus

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria and Iran have debated boosting bilateral cooperation in all sectors  for the common interest of the two countries.

The cooperation was discussed by Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi and the Iranian Supreme National Security Council's Secretary, Saeed Jalili, who is visiting Damascus.

According to SANA, the two sides reviewed today (Saturday) means of developing cooperation between the two countries in the fields of economy, trade, health, agriculture, power, oil and gas.

In addition, theydiscussedoutcomes of the Syrian governmental delegation's recent visit to Iran, stressing need to translate what the two sidesagreed upon into ground.

Israel's idiocy

As for political situation, al-Halqi said the Israel airstrike on scientific research center in Damascus countryside targets not only Syria's steadfastness but also resistance in the region.

The premier also talked about procedures being taken to implement the political plan based on national dialogue to resolve the crisis in Syria.

The Iranian official, for his part, condemned what he called 'Israel's idiocy' in reference to Israel's aggression on Syria.

He optimistically stressed that the crisis would be over and the conspiracy against Syria would be failed.

Commenting on the political plan, Jalili praised it as an objective basis to solve the crisis in Syria.

In a separate meeting between National Reconciliation Minister and Jalili, the discussion revolved around horizons of national dialogue and the ministry's role in enhancing peace and tolerance among Syrian citizens to surpass the crisis and restore stability and security.

Earlier, the Iranian official told reporters upon his arrival at Damascus International Airport that hopeless attempts of Syria's enemies to take revenge on the Syrian people through attacking infrastructure and going ahead with trade embargo targets steadfastness and resistance.

"The enemies claim that they are defending the Syrian people and supporting them while they are hatching conspiracy against them," Jalili said.

Iran steps up support

He clarified that his visit to Damascus aims to strengthen bilateral ties and offer all forms of support to ease the Syrian people's suffering.

In a relevant context, the premier discussed with the Assistant of the Iranian President for International Affairs, Ali Saeed Lou, in a telephone conversation, mechanism of cooperation between Syria and Iran.



NPF Says:Enemy Aggression Will not Weaken Syria

The National Progressive Front (NPF) stressed today that the Israeli air raid against a scientific research center in Jemrayya, near the capital, will not weaken Syria nor its defense from the progressive liberation movements worldwide.

The criminal Zionist aggression will neither reduce our commitment and support to the resistance and the Arab causes, particularly Palestine, asserted a PNF's statement on Saturday.

According to the document, the January 30 bombing, which killed two people and wounded five others, demonstrates once again the barbaric Israeli aggression against humanity and the civilization.

The NPF noted that the air raid against an institution dedicated to scientific research, reflects Tel Aviv's cooperation with armed opposition groups operating in the country, seeking to overthrow the Syrian  government .

The failure of the criminal gangs, after several attempts to take the facility, led some governments hostile to the Syrian people and their collaborators within the territory, used Zionism to carry out criminal aggressions.

Such procedures, added the statement, represents a continuation of terrorist acts against our people and an obstacle to the realization of a peaceful solution to the crisis, as well as a threat to world peace.

The NPF described the military action of blatant and shameless, and in violation of the rules of International Right and all the UN agreements.



Russia supports 'Geneva 2', denies Munich meeting

MOSCOW,(ST)_Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, has debated the situation in Syria besides building the Russian armed forces during a meeting with permanent members of the Russian Federation's Security Council.

SANA quoted Dmitri Peskov, the Russian President's Spokesman, as saying:"The Russian President discussed, during the meeting, the international agenda and focused on situation in Syria."

The meeting also dealt with the issue of building the Russian armed forces and security.

'Geneva 2' meeting

In a relevant context, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister, voiced his country's support for holding 'Geneva 2' meeting to debate implementation of Geneva Communique to resolve the crisis in Syria.

Gennady Gatilov tweeted  that it is important to expand participation in the meeting (Geneva 2) through inviting other countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia as they could play a positive role in bringing about a solution to the crisis in Syria.

Earlier, Gatilov said :"Russia is ready to hold a meeting at any level", reminding that the two tripartite meetings between Russian and US official and the UN Envoy to Syria, LakhdarBrahimi proposed to hold 'Geneva 2'meeting to discuss implementation of Geneva communique.

Munich meeting

He also denied reports on a forthcoming four-way meeting due to be held in Munich in Germany between Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, UN Envoy to Syria and Head of the so-called "Doha Coalition" Moaz al-Khatib.

Gatilov stressed that these reports are 'groundless', noting that Munich meeting is not in the agenda of Lavrov thus far.

It was reported that the 49th Munich Security conference is to be held today (Friday) and lasts till next Sunday.

Ford 'misinterprets' the communique

In other development, Spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Lukashevich, criticized the US Ambassador Robert Ford's misinterpretation of Geneva Communique.

He said: "The US Ambassador Robert Ford intercepts Geneva Communique about bringing about a solution to the crisis in Syria according to his own wishes, to the extant that he completely changed its meaning.

"Ford's remark reflects dishonest intentions in reading the communique,"Lukashevich said.

Responding to a question about Ford's remark in a news conference, the spokesman said: " Russia's Foreign Ministry sees that this remark is a further evidence that some partners of Russia spare no effort to affect on the Arab public opinion and at first on the Syrian opposition and their supporters to not accept the idea of political solution to the crisis in Syria under Geneva communique."

He hoped that Ford's remark do not represent the US government's stance towards the situation in Syria and the Middle East.

"We do not know if Ford's remark is made on the same day of appointing a new Secretary of State in the US administration by mere chance. We hope that it's so and not a new   scheduled remark by the new US Department of State towards Syria," Lukashevich said.

He asserted that the Geneva communique stipulates dialogue among all parties in Syria without preconditions.

Israel backs mercenaries

Meanwhile, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Ivan Melnikov said: "the Israeli political forces back the mercenaries and terrorists and the extremist opposition in Syria," adding that they are providing them with arms and funds.

Melnikov described Israel's airstrike on the Scientific Research Center in Jamraya in Damascus countryside as a 'blatant aggression on a sovereign state'

Speaking to SANA reporter in Moscow, Melnikov underscored that the events in Syria are not an internal conflict and turned into a regional one.

"Israel has got used to turn deaf ear to UN resolutions because it is backed by the US."

Head of the Syria-Russia Friendship Association noted that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Arab governments have not slammed the Israeli aggression on Syria.