Special Envoy of the Russian President: Syria & Russia will never be terrified by economic terrorism

Damascus (ST): The Special Envoy of the Russian President for developing relations with Syria, the Russian ambassador in Damascus Aleksandr Yefimov  affirmed the strength of Syrian Russian relations in all domains.

In a speech he made on Russia’s National Day via internet, Yefimov stressed that Russia and Syria,which managed to be steadfast and overcome many difficulties, and would not be terrified by economic terrorism.

Syrian Inventor Designs a Portable Respirator by Recycling Damaged Electric Motors

The scientific and technology communities  around the world are putting technology to work to find solutions that help mitigate the impact of  COVID-19 ,the global health crisis.

In an attempt to contribute to efforts exerted to tackle the coronavirus , the Syrian inventor Majed Brro  has invented  a model for a portable electronic  respirator  to treat patients with pulmonary insufficiency. 

 Brro made it clear in a statement to SANA  that the respirator  is characterized by its small size so that it can be moved between hospital rooms and health centers, in addition to the ease of placing it in the ambulance and the possibility of it being acquired by  patients to treat emergency situations at  their  homes.

Hasaka: US occupation forces plunder 50 fuel tanks from al-Jazira oil fields

Hasaka (ST): US forces of occupation continue to steal oil and gas fields in al-Jazira region, plundering scores of tanks and lorries  carrying fuel and heading  to Iraq.

Local sources said that a convoy  comprising 50 tanks and lorries for the US occupation forces headed last night from the Syrian territories to Iraq through al-Walid illegitimate crossing.

12 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Damascus countryside

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Health Ministry has declared that 12 new Coronavirus  cases have been reported. 
The ministry said in a statement issued on Thursday that 12 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Ras al-M'arra town in Damascus countryside thus raising the number of infections to 164.

Al-Muqt: "US Caesar Act" targets the steadfastness of the Syrian people

The freed prisoner Sedqi Al-Muqt, resident of Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan, has said that the US and the western coercive economic measures, including the so-called "Caesar Act",  that are being imposed on Syria target the people of Syria and their steadfastness in fighting terrorism.