Two Syrian civilians wounded in Turkish attack against farmers in Hasaka

HASAKA, (ST)- Two civilians were wounded when the Turkish regime’s troops opened fire with machine-guns at farmers while they were working at their agricultural lands in Bab Suleiman village in northern countryside of Hasaka near the borders with Turkey.

The Syrian News Agency quoted local sources as saying: “Troops of the Turkish regime on Monday morning opened fire with machine-guns at the farmers, who were working at agricultural land in the surrounding of Bab Suleiman village, wounding two farmers.”

Abdullatif Şener: Syria's Future Will Decide the Future of Entire Region

ANKARA, (ST)- Former Turkish Prime Minister and Finance Minister Abdullatif Şener has affirmed that the stability of the Middle East is associated with the stability of Syria, pointing out that Syria "is the gate of the region and its future will decide the future of the entire region.

Interviewed by the Turkish KRT Channel, Şener made it clear that problems of the region won't be solved without coordination with Syria. He said that Syria has been the main target of the so-called "Arab Spring" which aimed to fragment the entire region, calling for solving the crisis in Syria through coordination with the Syrian government.

Syrian air defenses confront Israeli attack on military posts in Damascus and Homs

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, HOMS, (ST)_ A military source declared that Syrian air defenses confronted Israeli attack on military posts on the outskirts of Damascus and in Homs. 

the source clarified that the Israeli warplanes fired the missiles from the Lebanese airspace towards some Syrian military posts in Homs and outside Damascus. 

The pressure of the explosion caused damages to several homes in Sehnaya area in Damascus countryside  where several citizens were martyred and dozens were wounded due to the break of windows. 

Cabinet Approves Plan to Re-Operate Government Institutions, Rehabilitate Damaged Schools in Areas Liberated from Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Cabinet on Sunday approved the plan of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment to rehabilitate the schools damaged by terrorism.

The total fund of SYP 3.7 billion was allocated for the restoration of damaged schools in 2018-2019 in several Syrian areas, thereby contributing to the return of a lot of displaced citizens to these areas.     

In its weekly session, the Cabinet also decided to re-operate government institutions and ensure the return of employees to their works in the areas liberated from terrorism in Raqqa countryside. The Ministry of Local Administration and Environment was tasked with coordination with concerned  parties to complete providing basic services and start implementing a development plan that focuses on best investment of agricultural potentials in these areas.

Terrorist groups destroy several homes in rocket attacks at towns in Hama

HAMA,(ST)_Terrorist organizations, holed up in al-Latamneh town, fired rockets at towns in the northern countryside of Hama and in the northwestern countryside of the same province, the Syrian Alikhbaria TV channel said today. 

The TV channel clarified that the towns targeted by the terror rocket attacks were Alsheikh Hadid and Bridij towns in the northwestern countryside of Hama plus Mhardeh city and AlAzezeyeh in the northern countryside of Hama.