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Cautious calm in the north- west side of Syria

For the third day running, the north-west side of country is still witnessing a cautious calm after the ceasefire agreement in the de-escalation zone on Idleb went into effect amid reports about the arrival of Syrian army’s reinforcements to the western countryside of Aleppo .

A field source told the Syrian-based al-Watan newspaper that no violation has been recorded and the Syrian army units in that countryside is observing the situation and the movements of terrorist groups around the clock in order to confront any potential attempt by terrorist groups to infiltrate into military posts.

Lebanese National Resistance destroys an Israeli armoured troop carrier, killing and injuring all on board

BEIRUT, (ST)-The Lebanese national resistance on Sunday  announced that it has destroyed an Israeli armoured troop carrier en route to  Avivim settlement north of occupied Palestine. Members of the crew were killed and injured, according to the Syrian News agency SANA.

The Israeli occupation forces confirmed that a military vehicle has been targeted at the borders with Lebanon with anti-tank missiles, saying 'multiple hits' were scored.

Al-Manar TV Channel reported that the Lebanese resistance said that "at 4.15pm (Beirut Time) on Sunday, September 1, 2019, the unit of martyrs Hassan Zbib and Yasser Daher destroyed an Israeli military vehicle on the road to the Avivim settlement , killing and injuring all forces on board.

Presidential advisor: Erdogan will be forced to leave Syrian territories. It is our decision and it is not up to him

Syrian Presidential Media and Political Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban has affirmed that the announcement of the ceasefire agreement in Idleb is approved by Syria and Russia and it has nothing to do with  rapprochements between other countries.

"The decision of ceasefire in IIdleb is temporary," she said, asserting that what has been done by terrorists in Idleb countryside is planned by countries. 

She underscored that any ceasefire agreement serves the big strategy of liberating every inch in the country.

Katuasha From Damascus to the World

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Under the motto " From Damascus to the World " the 61st Damascus International Fair launched its opening ceremony, which has witnessed the participation of 38 countries. However, what was quite new this year  was the Russian musical performance of "Katuasha" the well-known Russian song through a folkloric dance from the Republic of Crimea by Syrian dancers, affirming that music have always been a message of peace.  

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Syriatimes interviewed Mr. Eldar Kurbanov, Chargé d'affaire at Russian Embassy in Damascus, who expressed Russian condemnation  of the USA sanctions and attempts to prevent countries from participating in the 61st Damascus international fair,  " What we have witnessed  is unacceptable. It is another attempt of the United States to prevent other governments from their rights to help the Syrian people and Syrian Arabic republic to rebuild their country in this grave situation due to the terrorist attacks by foreign powers. The American government is threatening and trying to prevent us and other governments by imposing these unlawful sanctions on the Syrian government and people to prolong their suffering."  He affirmed to Syriatimes.

Czech Red Cross to Send Medical Aid, Including Ambulances, Baby Incubators, to Syria

Prague, (ST)- Secretary General of the Czech Red Cross Josef Konecny has stressed that work is underway to send more medical assistance to the Syrian people.

He made the remarks during a meeting on Friday with the Charge de Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Prague Amira Karawani. Talks focused on preparations for sending a new batch of medical supplies by the Czech Red Cross to the Syrian people.

The aid is two ambulances, 13 baby incubators and different medical equipments.

Karawani thanked the Czech government and the Czech Red Cross for the medical assistance they have been providing for the Syrian people who have been suffering from the terrorist acts of vandalism, including acts against the Syrian health facilities.