President of Crimea Hails Syria's Efforts to Reconstruct What Terrorism Has Destroyed

MOSCOW, (ST)-President Sergey Aksyonov of Crimea has stressed the solidity of relations between his country and Syria, pointing out that the program of trade exchange between the two countries have entered the implementation phase.

In an interview with the Russian "Izvestia" newspaper , published on Monday, Aksyonov said "the relation between Syria and Crimea is strong as many memorandums of understanding on economic cooperation and common actions have been signed".

He hailed Syria's steadfastness in the face of the terrorist war and highly commended Syria's efforts to reconstruct what terrorists and western countries have destroyed.

Government Working to Confront US Anti-Syria Measures By Enhancing Self-Reliance: Premier

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Prime Minister Imad Khamis has underscored that the government is working to confront the American anti-Syria measures by enhancing self-reliance.

He made the remarks during the first meeting of the People's Assembly's (PA) 10th regular round of the 2nd legislative term.   

Khamis briefed the PA members on the government's performance over the past period, particularly regarding the American siege, which is a battle that necessitates exceptional procedures to meet the country's needs as well as an all-out revision of all means to invest and consume resources.

He pointed out that the government is working according to special financial and technical capabilities given the heinous war imposed on Syria.

More Displaced Families Arrive in Jeligim Corridor Coming from Rukban Camp

HOMS, (ST)- Within the framework of the Syrian government's efforts to help displaced Syrians return home after the army liberated their areas from terrorism, a new batch of displaced people, returned on Sunday from Rukban Camp in Syria's al-Tanf area near the borders with Jordan where US occupation forces and their affiliated terrorist groups are having positions and have been preventing the displaced people from returning to their houses for the past four years.

SANA reporter at Jleigem corridor said that a number of families, mostly children and women, arrived with their belongings at the Jalighem corridor by buses coming from al-Rukban Camp.

The returnees were provided with food and medical aid by concerned bodies and they were transported by buses to temporary housing centers in Homs to be transported later to their permanent places of residence which have been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army from terrorism.

5 martyred, kids and a woman included, due to rocket attack on al-Suqaylabiyah city

Hama - Five civilians, kids and a woman included, were martyred and six other children were injured due to terrorist attack with rocket shells on al-Suqaylabiyah city in northwestern Hama in a new violation of the de-escalation zone agreement.

SANA said that terrorist groups, positioned in a number of towns and villages in the northern Hama and southern Idleb areas within the de-escalation zone agreement targeted with a number of rocket shells al-Suqaylabiyah city in Hama northern countryside, claiming the lives of four children and a woman and injuring six other children.

The attack also caused material damage to civilians houses and  properties, SANA added

The army units operating in the area immediately responded with appropriate weapons to  the sources of the attacks and destroyed s dens and rocket launching pads for terrorist groups .

On May 8 , a number of civilians, a child included, were injured due to terrorist rocket attack on Karnaz town, northwestern Hama.

Army destroys dens of “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorists in southwestern Idleb

Idleb - The Syrian Arab Army intensified operations against terrorist organizations and targeted their dens in Bdama town  in the far southwestern countryside of Idleb in response to their repeated breaches of the de-escalation zone agreement .

SANA said that the army units targeted with concentrated bombardment  gatherings and fortified positions of “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorist organization and other groups affiliated to it in Bdama town in Jisr al-Shughour area, southwestern Idleb.

The operation resulted in killing and injuring a number or terrorists and destroying their dens, SANA added,  pointing out to the state of panic and confusion among terrorists which shows their failure due to operational tactics carried out by the army units through using appropriate weapons of high precision in the framework of their care for the lives of civilians used as human shields by those terrorists.