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Syrian army General Command: Terrorist groups reject to abide by Idleb ceasfire agreement

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Syrian army units will resume military operations against terrorist groups and will respond to any terror attack as the Turkish regime continues to permit its terrorist agents positioned in Idleb, to go ahead with their attacks ignoring its commitments in Sochi meetings, according to the statement released today by the General Command of Army and Armed Forces. 
The Syrian government has done its utmost to stick to the conditional ceasefire agreement reached in Idleb. However, the Turkey-backed terrorist groups rejected the implementation of  the agreement reached in the begining of this month in the de-escalation zone and they carried out several attacks against civilians in safe areas. 

Syria’s team makes good and accurate shots at International Army Games

Moscow – Syria’s team finished the course in (25:81) and made good and accurate shots in the first stage of the tank biathlon competition at the International Army Games currently being held in Moscow suburbs.

Syria participated with teams from Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Venezuela.


Forum on Investment Opportunities in Syria Opens in Tehran

TEHRAN, (ST)- A forum on identifying investment and trade opportunities in Syria kicked off on Sunday in the Iranian capital Tehran with the participation of tens of Iranian companies and economic parties.

Syria's Assistant Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Rania Ahmad, who leads the Syrian delegation to the forum,  said at the opening of the event that the Syrian government has focused its efforts on supporting economic recovery through ensuring all elements necessary for restoring the production process and through mobilizing all resources that help achieve development.

 "The government continues the work to prepare the development program for post-war Syria, to issue a new investment law and set up a program to activate the private sector," the Syrian official said.

Syrian Football Federation resigns

 The Chairman and members of the Syrian Arab Football Federation handed in their resignation to the Secretary-General of the Federation due to the failure and bad results of the national football team in WAFC, specifically after they were defeated by the Lebanese team.

The Head of the Olympic Committee, Major General Mowafaq Jumaa said in a press conference today that the resignation was accepted.

The Olympic Committee asked the Secretary-General of the Federation, Mohamed Samer Diya to take the place of the chairman until a new federation is formed which needs the approval of the AFC.



Syria participates in the International Military Games in Moscow suburbs

(ST) - With the participation of 5,000 soldiers from 37 countries, including Syria, the fifth session of the International Military Games (Army 2019) was opened at the Patriot Center for Demonstrations and Conferences in Moscow Suburb.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described in a message during the opening the games as "games of friendship” that develop the national spirit and prevent military escalation.

In these games, thousands of soldiers and officers are showing their military skills and ability to resolve combat missions and find solutions, Putin added.

The International Military Games is taking place between the 3rd and the 17th of this month in 21 military fields in ten countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Russia.

223 teams from 37 countries (Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America) participate in 32 competitions.

Twenty-four teams, including the Syrian team, are participating in the tank race. The Syrian team will race in the first Iron group with China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and others.