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Adventurers Explore a Valley in Lattakia that Combines the Four Seasons

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Enchanting landscapes and waterfalls  accompanied the participants in the  “Four Seasons”  walking tour  organized by   the Syrian adventurer team in  “Qassis”  River Valley in the depths of the eastern Haffah countryside in Lattakia .  

The walking tour comes within the framework of supporting and promoting adventure tourism and environmental exploration , which has witnessed notable growth.  

The 60 participants in the walk enjoyed moments of fun , adventure, excitement  and green plush trees that shade the stream extending over a distance of 3.5 km. 

Leader of the Syrian adventure team Ibrahim Sa’od, said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper  that the valley allows its visitors to experience the four seasons at the same time as the route  combines the sunny summer atmosphere,  the splendor of the spring season with its bright colors , the coldness of winter when crossing the rocky gorges and the autumn poetry with its yellow and brown leaves scattered on the gray rocks to complete the magic of the landscape with water glittering under the sunlight flowing from among the interwoven branches and the rich green color of the surrounding trees and plants, as if it were a very elaborate painting.

Al-Jaafari: The West won’t be able to conceal consequences of its economic terrorism against Syria, humanitarian allegations won’t hide its crimes

New York (ST):  Syria's permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari affirmed that the Western states, which are imposing coercive economic measures on the Syrian people, would not be able to conceal the consequences of their economic terrorism on Syria, noting that the humanitarian allegations would not hide the reality of their crimes which aim at suffocate Syrian citizens, put more pressure on the Syrian state, hinder the reconstruction process and the return of the displaced.

During a UN security Council session on the humanitarian situation in Syria, held through video conference, al-Jaafari said that 75 years after the victory in the World War II and the foundation of the UN, the school of the former German propaganda  minister Joseph Golez, which was based on the idea that "if you tell a big lie and continued to mention it, people will believe it later." is still a policy adopted by the representatives of many Western states. This is clearly manifested in the Western states representatives' allegations that the coercive measures being imposed on Syria illegally do not target the Syrian people and that  they are exerting huge efforts to make humanitarian and medical exceptions and offer aid to Syrians claiming that the Syrian government was depriving its citizens who are infected with corona-virus from treatment.

Syria's Struggle Against the French Occupation in A New Book by Ihssan Hindi

The last stage of the French occupation of Syria, which lasted for nearly a quarter of a century, was the bloodiest, as this colonialist thought that committing more crimes against the Syrian people would make them give up their demand for independence.

Historian Dr. Ihssan Hindi presents, in a new book he reviewed and commented on, entitled "France's aggression against Syria, May-June 1945, by the Unknown Soldier", examples of the  occupation’s terrorist attacks against unarmed Syrian civilians since March 1945, as the crimes of the occupation were confined to remote villages and public roads before they included cities, to reach its climax in the aggression of May 29 of the same year.

Syrian expatriate gets the title of best doctor of the year 2020 in Ukraine

Odessa, (ST) - The Syrian expatriate doctor, Arefal-Muhammad, was named best doctor for the year 2020 in the southern region of Ukraine, in a popular vote organized by the Ukrainian city of Odessa administration in cooperation with local TV stations.

Dr. al-Muhammad is a dentist and owner of the largest dental center in Odessa, known for his high competency and for providing the best dental  treatment and Orthodontics methods, in addition to playing a major role in providing medical aid to the children of Arab communities and citizens and participating in all the activities of the Syrian community in Odessa .He is the representative of the Union of Arab Doctors in Ukraine.

Trump’s statements on targeting President al-Assad reflect a policy as practiced by bandits in reaching its goals

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has underscored that the Trump Administration adopts the same policy of terrorist groups to reach its goals. 
The remarks were made by a source at the ministry commenting on the US Administration’s statement made yesterday on targeting President Bashar al-Assad.