Syrians mark Evacuation Day, army’s victories over terrorism and tripartite aggression

Damascus - Tens of thousands of Syrians gathered at the Umayyad Square in Damascus on Monday to mark the 72nd anniversary of Evacuation Day (Syrian Independence Day, which marks the evacuation of French occupation forces from the country in 1946) and the victories of the Syrian Army on terrorism and the recent tripartite US-British-French aggression on Syria, SANA reported.

Nasrallah: Tripartite Aggression on Syria Failed to Raise Terrorists' Morale

BEIRUT, (ST)- Secretary General of Hizbollah resistance movement Hassan Nasralla has condemned the US-led aggression on Syria, stressing that US-France-Britain  on Saturday hastened the attack on Syria because they wanted to end it before the “Organization for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons” delegation – which wanted to examine the soil in Douma – arrives in Syria, according to al-Manar TV website.

 “Trump and the French president are aware that this is (the alleged chemical attack in Douma) a play, this is why they hastened the assault on Douma… just another evidence on the US arrogance,” Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed, adding that “France and England were just a cover so that the US wouldn’t be blamed alone, because the size of targets did not require all this alignment…”

Anti-War Protesters Rally in New York City against Syria Strike

Anti-war protesters have held demonstrations in New York City, calling on the world to “defend Syria and defeat US imperialism,” after President Donald Trump ordered a military strike against the country.

The protesters rallied in Union Square, New York City, on Saturday, after the US, British and French forces launched airstrikes against government facilities in Syria.

The protesters were holding signs, reading, “US out of Syria and the near East,” “No War on Syria” and “US/NATO Get Your Bloody Hands off Syria.”

Iran Army Slams US Airstrikes on Syria

Iranian Army in a statement condemned the airstrike conducted Saturday by US and its allies on Syria.

The US, UK and France attack on Syria which was orchestrated following the fake allegations on using chemical weapons against Syrian people has been the text-book example of supporting terrorist groups, the statement reads.

'Whenever the terrorists have been involved in a dire condition in anti-terrorism fights in Syria and Iraq, the US together with some Western countries have entered the scene to compensate terrorists’ defeats.'

Desperate Attempt

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the US and Israel have been involved in supporting the Takfiri terrorist organizations, especially in the aftermath of every victory realized by the Syrian Arab army. The recent tripartite aggression launched by the US, Britain and France is considered a desperate attempt to help the defeated terrorists as they were recently uprooted from eastern Ghouta by the Syrian Arab army and the allied forces.  The new aggression on Syria came as a revenge for the defeat of these three countries’ terrorist proxies in Ghouta.