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Syrian plane brings back 250 Syrians stranded in Egypt

Damascus (ST): A plane affiliated to the Syrian Arab airlines arrived in Damascus International Airport with 250 Syrians on board  coming from Egypt within the framework of the government efforts to bring back the Syrians stranded abroad.

Upon their arrival, the passengers conducted the PCR test and in light of the result of the test they will be allowed to return to their homes.

Al-Kuzbari stresses rejection of any external interference in the work of the committee of discussing the constitution

Geneva (ST): Head of the national delegation to the meetings of committee of discussing the constitution in Geneva, Ahmad al-Kuzbari affirmed rejection of any external interference in the committee’s work.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV channel, al-Kuzbari stressed that the  committee is led and by Syria, and the UN, which facilitates its work,  must not allow any interference in its work. 

In reply to a question about the meeting of the US official, James Jeffrey, with the other delegations, al-Kuzbari said that the West’s interventions and its attempt to direct the other delegations has been done in previous meetings in an underhand manner, but during this round, it has became explicit through statements of Jeffrey and his meetings with these delegations, and this affirms what the Syrian state had announced earlier about Western interventions  in the political track, noting that  now this intervention extends to the committee’s work, and we will not accept it at all, and the UN should not allow this intervention because it is the party which  facilitates the work of the committee .

Al-Jaafari: international law has become like the gentle lamb whose care is entrusted to a pack of wolves

Statement of  Ambassador Dr. Bashar Ja’afari, The Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic at the meeting of the Security Council on the Agenda Item “The Situation in the Middle East”:

Mr. President,

Over the past years, some Governments of Member States of the Security Council have dealt with the humanitarian situation in my country with blatant selectivity. This selectivity has manifested itself and continues to be manifested by their politicized focus on certain areas to protect the remnants of the terrorist organizations that control them. This selectivity also aims at preventing the Syrian Arab Army and its allies from liberating them from terrorism. At the same time, those Governments deliberately overlooked the catastrophic humanitarian conditions experienced by the Syrians in other areas occupied by the American and Turkish forces and the crimes of their tools of proxy separatist militias and terrorist organizations.

Pedersen announces the resumption of the constitutional committee meetings this afternoon

Geneva, (ST) - The Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General to Syria Geir O. Pedersen announced the resumption of the constitutional committee meetings this afternoon, after the health authorities confirmed the possibility of resuming it.

Pedersen said in a statement today, that after the next additional test and more medical advice and experts regarding four previous positive tests for Coronavirus, the Office of the Special Envoy was formally informed by the relevant health authorities that the nature of these cases shows that the third round of the committee meetings can resume its meetings with full spacing and related precautions.

The First Complete Syrian Translation of The Novel, "Les Misérables" Issued by the Book Authority

There is no fictional work that has gained so much popularity, despite the sadness and misery it contains like the novel "Les Miserables",  by the French writer Victor Hugo. It was considered the most important among his works, which were about fifty. Many writers were inspired by its plot as it appeared dozens of times on stage and on film and television screens.

Despite the importance of the novel, it was not fully translated into Arabic except once in the 1950s by the late Lebanese writer and translator Munir Baalbaki. Later on, short versions of it appeared in Arabic with fragments of several chapters. Now the Syrian General Book Organization is presenting the second complete Arabic translation of "The Miserables" which is the first of its kind among the publishing institutions in Syria.