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Head of the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce: Participation in the DIF is Important for Egyptian and Arab Businessmen

Cairo- Head of the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, Ahmed Al-Wakeel said that the participation of Egyptian and Arab businessmen in the Damascus International Fair carries great importance to them because it opens the door for them to participate in the reconstruction projects in Syria.

Mr. Al-Wakeel said in a statement to SANA correspondent in Cairo that "a large part of the factors attracting investment depends on security and safety ... Today Syria has achieved security thanks to the unification of the Syrian people and the army side by side in combating terrorism against the Syrian state."

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One person was martyred, 4 others wounded in the blast of two mines in Damascus countryside

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE,(ST)_One person was martyred and four others wounded in the blast of two landmines planted by terrorist groups before defeating them in Dmer and Ein Tarma areas in Damascus countryside.

A police source was quoted on the Syrian News Agency (SANA) as saying that a landmine exploded when a car of the General Geology Institute passed over it in Dmer area in the northeast countryside of Damascus, killing a worker and wounding 3 others.  

Bread Policy in Syria

It is impossible for a country in the world to withstand a global multi-faced war such as the one Syria has been facing over the past eight years. Foreign-backed terrorism coming from different parts of the world as well as a western blockade and unilateral coercive economic measures accompanied by a dirty media war against the country have aimed to subjugate the Syrian people and force the country to bow to the west's pressure.

During the past eight years of the war on Syria, the Syrians' livelihood has been one of the major targets of the terrorist groups' attacks and the western sanctions, adding more burdens on the Syrian government and affecting its ability to meet the basic needs of citizens. However, the government has worked hard around the clock to withstand the crisis and enhance the steadfastness of the Syrian people by supporting the elements of this steadfastness, mainly food, with bread at the top. 

"Ensuring food security and meeting the citizens' basic and daily needs of food, particularly the subsidized bread, has been the top priority and main concern of the Syrian government for decades," Assistant Minster of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Jamal Eddin Shuaib said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, reiterating that the government's support for bread will never change under any circumstances and it is a "red line".

3 children are among civilians wounded in terror attack on Lattakia countryside

LATTAKIA,(ST)_Terrorist groups launched this morning several rockets on Heffeh and Qerdaha towns in the northern countryside of Lattakia, wounding 5 civilians.

3 children were among the wounded, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), which stressed that the terror rocket attack caused also huge material damage to civilians' properties.

A book fair held in Lattakia to reinstate the value of reading

Book fairs mean more to society than just selling and promoting books. They are also a destination to experience the beauty and power of written word as well as bringing together people who love literature and books. Majd bookshop in Lattakia province has recently held the Arab Book Fair in cooperation with Lattakia’s Culture Directorate and Dar Al-Takween for publication and distribution. "This book fair has a number of objectives mainly to reinstate the value of culture as a movement for raising awareness and development.

It is an important chance for visitors to find about the latest innovation in the field of publishing and to encourage the young generation to read more especially in the age of technology that greatly affected people's appetite for reading ” Mr. Hassan Younes Head of Majd bookshop told the Syriatimes e-newspaper. "The fair includes a wide range of books written in Arabic for all age categories by different Syrian and Lebanese distribution and publication houses on history, philosophy, literature, sciences and arts in addition to sustainable development which has become an important topic recently” Mr. Younes made it clear. Reading is a good habit that should be cultivated as it doesn't only help one gain knowledge but also improve one’s skills that can add value to life. Concerning the situation of reading in the country Younes said the situation of book is not good but not that bad, underscoring that the demand for the book is limited due to some reasons mainly technology as you can easily find e-books sites in addition to people's disinterest in opening books and reading besides the financial reason." Some visitors told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the book fair is an important opportunity to acquire the latest publications and take part in a range of significant cultural activities. They suggested borrowing books due to the fact that some books are of high price and encouraged holding symposiums and workshops on the sideline of the book fair to help boost creative writing skills of young authors. They also urged paving the way for wider Arab participation. Children are very impressionable and they learn things easily which is why bringing them to a book fair is a very good idea. Some mothers expressed their happiness about the children’s pavilion at the book fair because it gives a chance to pick out the books they like in order to develop the children's opinion on literature.

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam