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Syria's new ambassador to Belarus sworn in before president al-Assad

The new ambassador of Syria to Belarus Mohammad al-Emrani was sworn in before President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday. 
The president wished him success in his mission, according to the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates. 

Syria, Russia sign a deal on peaceful uses of nuclear energy

Syria and Russia signed yesterday a deal on peaceful uses of nuclear energy. 
The signing ceremony took place in Vienna and the deal was signed by  Director of the Russian Energy Corporation "Rosatom " and the Director of the Syrian Atomic Energy Commission.   

Terrorist missile attack in the vicinity of Syrian city

Terrorist groups, which are positioned in Idlib countryside, fired  missiles in the vicinity of Saraqib city in the southern countryside of the same province [ Idlib].
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the missiles that were fired by terrorists holed up in the eastern outskirts of Sarmin town, southeast of Idlib city, fell on  agricultural lands in the vicinity of the city and left material damages to some crops and olive trees.
Basma Qaddour

Outstanding students at basic education certificate: Meeting with Mrs. Asma al- Assad is motivation for more success

Damascus, ( ST) - About 60 outstanding students from different Syrian governorates who have excelled in the Basic Education Certificate for the year 2020 through attaining full marks were honoured in a meeting  with Mrs. Asma al-Assad. The meeting  encouraged  them and gave them an incentive to press ahead with their success and contribute to building their homeland, Syria.

In statements they made following the meeting, a number of honored students affirmed that the meeting was a great incentive to achieve more success in their future study.

Student Carla Antonios al-Dawood from al-Ma'ounah School in Damascus said that the meeting was special as Mrs. Asma Al-Assad received them under these difficult health conditions created by the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic,  adding:  “I had a good feeling that will remain with me when I saw her. This meeting left a deep impact on myself and encouraged me to continue my hard work  to raise the name of Syria high at international arenas.

SDF militias take over most schools in Hasaka, causing overcrowding in classrooms and suffering

The US-backed SDF militias seized most of the governorate of Hassakeh’s schools, which limited the ability of the remaining public schools to teach the increasing numbers of students and led to overcrowding in the classrooms.

A week after the start of the new school year, local sources said that the schools’  classroom filled with more than 70 students, so some of the students had to stand because there was no place for them to sit-this happened  at a time when the world is seeking to achieve spatial distancing to prevent the Corona epidemic.