SDF militias kidnap civilians in Deir Ezzour countryside

On October 6, the SDF militia, with the support of the American occupation forces and helicopters, raided Theban village of Deir Ezzour. The US-backed SDF militia kidnapped a number of civilians and confiscated their properties.

According to local sources, the SDF militias kidnapped three women at a checkpoint east of the SDF-occupied Raqqa city.

The sources said that a woman was found dead by unknown persons in the SDF-run al-Houl Camp, south-east countryside of Hasakah.

Dean of the Prisoners addresses letter on the anniversary of October war

On October 6, Dean of the Syrian and Arab prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons, Sedqi Suleiman al-Maqat, confirmed that the October liberation war was a title for the victory of the Arab will, the beginning of the liberation of the occupied Arab territories and the entire restoration of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan.
In a letter sent from inside the Negev Detention Center in southern occupied Palestine, al-Maqat said that every inch of the Golan soil speaks of the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army, the martyrs and the wounded.

The People's Assembly: October Liberation War is the great heroic epic of Arabs in the modern history

 The Syrian People's Assembly said on Saturday that the Tishreen (October) War of Liberation represents the great heroic epic of the Arabs’ modern history and illuminates the path of sincere fighters in the face of the conspirators who forget that Syria is a symbol of pride, nobility steadfastness and national unity.

Work of Constitutional Committee on Syria Should be Independent: Czech Deputy Minister

PRAGUE, (ST)-Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Tlaba stressed that the work of the constitutional committee on Syria should be independent.

During his meeting on Friday with the Charge de Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Prague Amira Karawani, Tlaba affirmed his country's support for Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, expressing Prague's keenness on boosting cooperation with Damascus in all domains.

Tlaba talked about the humanitarian and developmental aid program approved recently by the Czech government to assist Syria, clarifying that the program will start its activities with restoring five hospitals and supplying them with advanced medical equipments.

1200 displaced families have returned to their houses in al-Quseir Since July

HOMS, (ST)- More displaced Syrians arrived today in their home town of al-Quseir in the western countryside of Homs after years of displacement because of terrorism.

According to SANA reporter, a fourth batch of displaced citizens that included 200 hundred families returned on Friday to the town after the damaged infrastructure and service facilities were rehabilitated in cooperation between Homs governorate, concerned state institutions, the civil society and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to help the returning citizens settle and start normal life.