Meteorite diamonds 'came from lost planet'

A diamond-bearing space rock that exploded in Earth's atmosphere in 2008 was part of a lost planet from the early Solar System, a study suggests.

The parent "proto-planet" would have existed billions of years ago before breaking up in a collision and was about as large as Mercury or Mars, according to BBC.

The team argues that the pressures necessary to produce diamonds of this kind could only occur in planet of this size

Under the patronage of President al-Assad, “Aleppo, the Beating of the Heart” event kicks off at Aleppo Citadel

Aleppo – Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, the cultural and national event “Aleppo, the Beating of the Heart” kicked off on Tuesday evening at Aleppo Citadel on occasion of the 72nd anniversary of Evacuation Day, Syria’s Independence Day.

Aleppo Citadel’s amphitheater thronged with crowds as the event was opened by the Syrian Arab Army and Internal Security Forces music band, and after that Amjad Allawi, a member of the Syrian Arab Army who lost his sight while fighting terrorism, talked about how he was injured and how he was determined to overcome it and continue living life to the fullest with the support of his mother and friends.

The event also included folk dance performances by the Circassian Ensemble, Carni Aleppo Folk Dance Ensemble, and Shushi Armenian Dance Ensemble, in addition to musical performances feayring traditional songs from Aleppo’s heritage, and an operatic performance by soprano Sumaya Hallaq and the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by maestro Missak Baghboudarian.

Foreign Ministry: Reconnaissance team from OPCW fact-finding mission entered Douma on Tuesday

Damascus – A source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Wednesday that a reconnaissance team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) fact-finding mission entered Douma city in Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday.

The source told SANA that a reconnaissance team from the OPCW fact-finding mission for investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma has entered on Tuesday at noon upon the request of the mission to assess the security situation to pave the way for the entry of the mission to Douma.

The fact-finding mission arrived in Syria after the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry asked the OPCW to send a team to investigate the claims about the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma.

“Jaish al-Islam” terrorists in al-Dmair continue to hand over weapons prior to leaving for Jarablos

Damascus Countryside – “Jaish al-Islam” terrorists in al-Dmair town in al-Qalamoun area in Damascus Countryside on Wednesday continued to hand over their heavy and medium weapons as part of the agreement reached with the Syrian state, SANA reported.

The agreement, which was reached on Tuesday, stipulates for the terrorists to leave the town to Jarablos and resolving the status of those who wish to remain, after handing over their weapons.

Army foils Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist attack in Hama countryside

Hama – Units of the Syrian army thwarted on Tuesday a terrorist attack by Jabhat al-Nusra on army positions in the direction of Tal Dara, Qebet al-Kurdi, and Jarjiseh village in the eastern and southern countryside of Hama province.

SANA said that the army units engaged in violent clash using various types of weapons with the terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and other groups affiliated to it positioned in al-Sathiyat area after the terrorists attacked army positions in Tal Dara and Qebet al-Kurdi to the east of Hama.

SANA added that the army inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists, destroying their vehicles.

In Hama’s southern countryside, the army units thwarted a terrorist attack from the direction of al-Rastan lake towards Jarjiseh village, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.