Russia blames Washington for ‘deplorable situation’ in al-Rukban Camp

MOSCOW-Russian Foreign Ministry said responsibility for the situation in al-Rukban camp reaching an impasse rests with the United States, according to SANA.

 “The entire responsibility for the deplorable situation in the (Rukban refugee) camp rests with the United States which illegally occupies this region of the United Nations member state,” the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

“We call on the United States to immediately withdraw its troops from the area around al-Tanf and cede control over this territory to the Syrian government, which will take care of its citizens,” the ministry stressed, indicating that part of the humanitarian aid provided to the Camp’s locals have ended up in the hands of terrorists.

Czech President: It Is Logical to Back the Syrian Government in Fight against Daesh Terrorist Organization

PRAGUE, (ST)- Czech President Milos Zeman has stressed that he has backed Syria since the beginning of the crisis and that he was "exposed to criticism" because of his stance.

In a statement, Zeman said that it is logical to support the Syrian government in its fight against Daesh terrorist organization.

 Zeman added that the Syrian government has established control over most of the Syrian territories after and the Syrians, who were displaced because of terrorism, are returning to their towns and villages, which is something wonderful and it pleases us."  

Army’s General Command issues order on demobilizing conscripted officers of batches no. 248 and no.249

Damascus - The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces issued an administrative order which stipulates for ending the reservation of batch no. 248 of conscripted officers and the earlier batches and ending reservation of batch no. 249.


Syria Condemns Illegal Excavations for Syrian Artifacts Conducted by Occupying American, French and Turkish Forces

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Syria has condemned the illegal excavations for artifacts being carried out by the American, French and Turkish forces and their agents in Syrian areas under their occupation.

In a statement to SANA, an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Monday "the ministry condemns illegal digging works and excavations for antiquities being conducted by the American, French and Turkish troops and their agents in the Syrian towns and cities of Manbej, Afrin, Idleb, Hassaka, Raqqa and other areas under these forces' occupation.

Syrian, Jordanian Engineers Syndicates to Enhance Cooperation

DAMASCUS- Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hammoudeh Sabbagh on Sunday stressed the importance of enhancing relations and exchanging expertise between Syrian and Jordanian syndicates and vocational unions as to serve the common interests of the two countries in a way that lead to the broadening of bilateral cooperation, according to SANA.

Sabbagh was speaking during his meeting with a delegation from the Jordanian Engineers Syndicate.