Reading Marathon is an initiative to encourage reading online

HOMS, (ST) - The reading marathon, which was launched on social media seeks to encourage electronic reading, especially in light of the current circumstances within the procedures to prevent corona virus.

The marathon is being held by the Fraternity Association “young forever” in the town of Sadad in Homs countryside for the fourth year. It headed to the virtual world this year where its idea according to Abla Al-Hayy who is responsible for the association, is that each participant reads one book daily and shares their input about the useful and positive content of the book with other participants.

Al-Hayy said that the participation in the marathon is open to all, where the participants are divided into two categories, children and adults. The proceedings of the marathon will be used to purchase computers for students as this is the  aim of the association.

250 Syrians, stranded in Russia, return home on board Syrian Airlines

DAMASCUS, (ST)- 250 Syrians, who were stranded abroad because of global anti-coronavirus measures, returned home on Monday on board the Syrian Airlines coming from the Russian Vnukovo International Airport.

The flight was organized in implementation of the Syrian government's team tasked with taking measures necessary to confront coronavirus.

Head of Damascus Health Directorate Hazar Raef told SANA reporter that the passengers were transported by buses to quarantine centers in Damascus where they will stay 14 days to make sure that they are not infected with the deadly virus.

Turkish regime deploys child soldiers to Libya

Media reports have said that teenagers are being sent from Syria to Libya to take part in the ongoing war there.

The children are among well over 2,000 terrorists believed to have been deployed over the past year via Turkey in support of the Government of National Accord against the Libyan army. They are issued forged identity documents with false information about their date and place of birth.

Broken Promises!

When all people of the world are in a dire need for humanitarian solidarity, unity and cooperation as to face COVID-19 risky challenges, Mr. Donald Trump, the US President, has sent a letter to Congress last Thursday announcing that he is renewing US sanctions against Syrians and their country.

The Syrians have never been the enemy for the USA and its people. Instead the Syrians have condemned every attack against Americans and the Syrians have been fighting for years multinational foreign-backed terrorists who are supposedly the enemy for US citizens in the globe village of today.

European countries didn't permit Syrian planes to land in European airports to bring stranded Syrians back to their country

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Soussan has affirmed that in implementation of the government's decisions to facilitate the return of Syrian citizens stranded abroad as a result of the anti-Coronavirus measures, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working hard to coordinate and facilitate the return of citizens who wish to return via several flights on board of the Syrian Airlines.

In a statement to SANA, Soussan said that several flights on board of the Syrian Airlines were organized to different countries where many Syrians live.

Two planes carrying Syrian citizens stranded abroad because of anti-coronavirus measures, arrived in Damascus today coming from Sudan and Oman.

According to Soussan,  a Syrian Airlines flight with stranded Syrians on board is expected to arrive in Damascus coming from Russia and two other plans are expected to arrive in Damascus on Tuesday coming from the United Arab Emirates. In addition, several other flights are to be organized within the coming days to help the Syrians stranded abroad, mainly in Baghdad, Erbil and Kuwait, return home.