Broken Promises!

When all people of the world are in a dire need for humanitarian solidarity, unity and cooperation as to face COVID-19 risky challenges, Mr. Donald Trump, the US President, has sent a letter to Congress last Thursday announcing that he is renewing US sanctions against Syrians and their country.

The Syrians have never been the enemy for the USA and its people. Instead the Syrians have condemned every attack against Americans and the Syrians have been fighting for years multinational foreign-backed terrorists who are supposedly the enemy for US citizens in the globe village of today.

European countries didn't permit Syrian planes to land in European airports to bring stranded Syrians back to their country

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Soussan has affirmed that in implementation of the government's decisions to facilitate the return of Syrian citizens stranded abroad as a result of the anti-Coronavirus measures, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working hard to coordinate and facilitate the return of citizens who wish to return via several flights on board of the Syrian Airlines.

In a statement to SANA, Soussan said that several flights on board of the Syrian Airlines were organized to different countries where many Syrians live.

Two planes carrying Syrian citizens stranded abroad because of anti-coronavirus measures, arrived in Damascus today coming from Sudan and Oman.

According to Soussan,  a Syrian Airlines flight with stranded Syrians on board is expected to arrive in Damascus coming from Russia and two other plans are expected to arrive in Damascus on Tuesday coming from the United Arab Emirates. In addition, several other flights are to be organized within the coming days to help the Syrians stranded abroad, mainly in Baghdad, Erbil and Kuwait, return home.

Erdogan's mercenaries continue to destroy the Syrian infrastructure

Turkish–backed terrorist groups have been committing crimes against the Syrian people for years, killing innocent people, destroying and vandalizing Syrian infrastructure and looting factories in implementation of the Ottoman schemes and aspirations of the President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A few days ago, the terrorists of the Turkistan Islamic Party destroyed the tower of Zeizoun thermal power plant in Idleb as part of the mission assigned to them by Erdogan's regime. 

Zeizoun power plant was put into service in 1998. It has been exposed to acts of looting and vandalism by Erdogan's mercenaries over the past years. Looting has been done under the supervision of Turkish technicians and it involved electronic equipment used in generating electricity, the huge electrical equipments and the operation engines which were transferred by trucks to Turkey.

Turkish-backed terrorist groups launch rocket attack on Lattakia countryside

Terrorist groups have targeted with rockets several areas in the northern countryside of Lattakia. 
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), Turkish-backed terrorist groups fired this afternoon several rockets from Idleb countryside on agricultural lands in al-Maghret town.

Coercive economic measures imposed on Syria lack logic, says Czech MP

PRAGUE, (ST)- The unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria are inhuman and illogical, Member of the Czech Parliament Jiří Valenta has stressed.

In a statement to SANA in Prague on Saturday, Jiří said the United States seeks dominating the world and its resources and it is the main party behind imposing these measures that aim at achieving specific goals.

The Czech parliamentarian clarified that the western countries are subordinates to the United States.