Memorial stamp marks centenary of Maysaloon battle

Damascus (ST): The Syrian General Post Establishment issued a memorial stamp and a card  on the occasion of the 100thanniversary of Maysaloon battle.

The Establishment said in a statement that the value of the stamp is 500 Syrian pounds, while  the card will be sold at 1500SP.

Earlier, the Establishment issued a stamp on May 31st marking the World Day for Combatting Smoking.


More than 32 thousand tons of pistachios in Hama

 Hama, (ST) - The Governorate of Hama Agriculture estimated the governorate production of pistachio crop for the current season at about 32,241 tons, of which 8897 tons were from  irrigated lands and 23,344 tons were from rain fed lands.

The head of the Department of Planning and International Cooperation in the Directorate, Eng. Muwaffaq al-Najjar told SANA correspondent that the total areas planted with pistachio trees amounted to 213388 dunums of which 61,691 dunums are irrigated and 151697 dunums are rain fed, indicating that the governorate is famous for many different varieties of pistachios, like al-Ashuri.

He pointed out that most of the pistachio trees are concentrated in the northern countryside of the governorate, especially Mork and Soran, indicating the start of harvesting operations in some villages and towns in the governorate.

It is noteworthy that the governorate of Hama last year produced more than 28 thousand tons of pistachios.

Raghda Sawas

Syria's Internal Opposition Outlook on Parliamentary Elections:

A number of Syrian internal opposition leaders and figures gave their opinion on the 19 July People’s Assembly (parliament) election and called on the Syrian government to do more in activating  the political life.

Secretary General of the opposition ‘Syrian Democratic Front’ Mahmoud Mari shared his views with syriatimes,

“We call on the Syrian authority to steep up  its efforts and further consolidate cooperation between different political parties .All political parties and groups are equal, including the Ba’ath party,” Mari said to Syria Times.

Mari was a candidate  for the People’s Assembly (parliament) election in the Governorate of Damascus Rural but he lost the election.

Al-Jaafari: The restoration of the occupied Golan is a priority for Syria and a compass that it will not deviate from

Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari, reiterated that the occupied Syrian Golan is an integral part of Syrian territory, and that its restoration to the line of June 4, 1967, by all means guaranteed by international law, will remain a priority for the Syrian policy and the compass that will not deviate from it.

During a session of the Security Council on Tuesday on the situation in the Middle EastAl-Jaafari made it clear that the Israeli occupation has occupied Arab lands, including the Syrian Golan, for fifty years, in blatant contempt for the provisions of the United Nations Charter and the norms of international law and for hundreds of resolutions adopted by the United NationsThe Israeli occupation continues to commit grave and systematic violations of international humanitarian law and human rights that amount to war crimes such as the forcible transfer of populations, the demolition of homes, the seizure of land and property, theft of natural resources, the siege of cities, and the destruction of agricultural crops- benefiting from the protection afforded to it by some permanent members of the Security Council, particularly the United States.

Malatius Jaghnoon, is a unique Syrian epigrapher

Malatius Jibriel Jaghnoon, is a Syrian engineer and epigrapher specialized in Aramaic and Greek inscriptions. He was born in Latakia , Jableh, in 1943. He graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Aleppo in 1968. His interest in epigraphy led him to learn several ancient languages including Aramaic and Greek.

Deciphering a number of Syriac and Greek inscriptions from an ancient church in Tal Eltiten, in the Al-Ghab area in Syria to the west of Apamea, an inscription from Maarrat al-Nu'man Museum and an inscription from the agora of Palmyra, were among his epigraphical works inside Syria.

He is a founding member of the Archaeological Society of Homs " Al-Adiyat" and was elected as head of the society from 2011 until he left Syria several years ago.