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A humanitarian Urgency

Syria's Minister of Health, Dr. Nizar Yazigi, stated yesterday in statements to media outlets that the sanctions imposed on Syria do hinder the urgent need for ventilators in case of COVID-19 spread.

One cannot but to wonder how come! Is it possible in the global village of today to impose and even tighten sanctions against human beings? It is indeed a crime against humanity to deny humans their basic needs, particularly medicine, health care and human life safety and medical needs!

What have the Syrians, Iranian, Russian, or others, done against others, other than fighting terrorism and safeguarding their rights, sovereignty, territory and independence?

Despite the outbreaks of one million Coronavirus cases worldwide, Washington is blocking international efforts to combat it

 Despite the wide spread of the Corona epidemic and the mobilization of the whole world to support international efforts to confront this virus, the United States, continues to politicize crises to achieve its ambitions.

The US still insists on imposing coercive economic measures against sovereign states that reject US dictates, despite their awareness of the impact of these dangerous measures in fighting this anti-virus .

After exceeding one million and 200,000 Corona infections and more than 65,000 deaths in the world, according to news agencies, Washington continues to hinder the untiring efforts of various countries to combat it.

The Ministry of Health declares three new persons infected with coronavirus in Syria

The Ministry of Health declared three new persons infected with coronavirus in Syria. The number of patients in the country has increased to 19, two of them have recovered, and two died

Yemeni family of four members martyred in Saudi fresh airstrike

A Yemeni family of four members were martyred  on  Saturday in a Saudi airstrike in Razih border district in Sa'ada province.

Almasirah Media Network reporter said that the Saudi aggression targeted Beni Sayyah area of Razih district in Saada province, killing a whole family consisting of a father, a pregnant mother and two children.

The border districts in Saada as well as several other areas are subjected to daily Saudi shelling that claims the lives of civilians, most of them children and women, and destroying public and private properties.

Al-Brokar … a series that embodies the story of the oldest Damascene industries

 Brokar," the Brocade", series  is one of three Syrian drama works that will be shown  in Ramadan this year after all  filming of several works came to a stop in response to the precautionary measures to prevent Corona virus. It presents the olden days  of Damascus in a different way, starting from the ancient Damascene brocade industry.

Screenwriter Sameer Hazeem said that "the Brokar" series is different from the rest of the works that depicted the former Damascene  way of living  in terms of subject matter and treatment.

The work events recount, according to the author, the events during 1942 during the French occupation of Syria. It talks about an attempt by a French engineer to steal the secrets of the brocade industry as well as the role of the Syrian woman in confronting the occupation  in addition to several  interesting stories related to the murder committed  in the neighborhood and the resulting events.