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Terrorists prevent civilians from leaving terrorist-held areas via humanitarian corridors for the sixth consecutive day

ALEPPO/IDLEB, (ST)- Terrorist organizations continued for the sixth consecutive day to prevent civilians from leaving terrorist-held areas through the humanitarian corridors of Abu al-Duhour and al-Habeit in Idleb countryside and al-Hader in the southern countryside of Aleppo which were set up by the Syrian Arab army to help those civilians leave to safe areas under the control of the Syrian government, according to SANA reporters in Idleb and Aleppo.

The terrorist groups are taking the trapped citizens as human shields to hamper the army's progress in its operations to uproot terrorism from the remaining terrorist hotbeds in the country.

US presence in Syria contradicts with international law: Zakharova

MOSCOW, (ST)- Spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova has stressed that the US presence in Syria contradicts completely with rules of the international law and it is part of the aggressive acts that have been committed or backed by Washington in different parts of the world like in Yugoslavia, Iraq and other countries.

"Washington also violates the agreements it has signed with the United Nations," said Zakharova, pointing out that the U.S. has recently stopped giving visas to representatives of some foreign countries who want to visit New York to attend UN events.

Protests in Jordan against gas deal with Israel

Hundreds of Jordanians on Friday took to the streets  of the Jordanian Capital Amman to call on the Jordanian government to cancel a gas deal with Israel.

The agreement provides for pumping natural gas by the Israeli occupation entity to Jordan this year.

The Jordanian News Agency "Amon" said that the protesters chanted slogans expressing the Jordanians' rejection of all forms of normalization with the Israel enemy, particularly the gas deal which is considered as treason.

One of the slogans says: "Enemy's gas is treason..normalization is treason".

Syrian army killed 40 gunmen in Damascus countryside

The Syrian army units have killed scores of gunmen in Rankous town in the western side of Qalamon in Damascus countryside.

According to sources at Reconciliation committees, around 100 gunmen, who refused reconciliation in the Rankous town after liberating it from terrorist groups in April in 2014, were hiding in Jrod Rankous and they were infiltrating in the night into nearby towns to rob shops and to kidnap people and to demand ransoms.

Syria, Russia appeal to US to stop creating hotbeds of tension in Syria

MOSCOW, (ST)_Syria and Russia have renewed their condemnation for the United States' escalation acts and its forces' attacks in the region as well as its constant attempts to keep hotbeds of tension in Syrian with the aim of justifying the illegitimate presence of US forces in Syria and looting its wealth for as long as possible.

The Syrian-Russian coordination Commissions said in a joint statement released today: "   The Syrian Arab Republic and the Federal Russia condemn the attacks being launched by the US forces in the Middle East and they appeal to Washington to abide by the UN principles."