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Armed group of 28 US-backed militants surrender to the Syrian army

PALMYRA, (ST)- An armed group of 28 US-backed militants operating in al-Tanf area near the borders shared by Syria, Iraq and Jordan, have surrendered themselves as well as their weapons and vehicles to the Syrian Arab army, benefitting from the issued amnesty decrees.

The gunmen decided to flee the US-occupied al-Tanf area and turn themselves in to the army after losing confidence in other radical groups positioned in that area.

  Following 4 months of planning and coordination, the Syrian authorities secured the departure of 28 gunmen plus six drivers, affiliated to the so-called "Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra", a US-backed armed group, from al-Tanf area to the government-controlled city of Palmyra where they surrendered themselves and their weapons to the Syrian army, a source from the Syrian authorities told SANA reporter.

5 new coronavirus cases have been registered in Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The number of confirmed coronavirus cases have raised from 33 to 38, according to Health Ministry.
5 cases have recovered, while 2 have died. 

Hasaka Countryside: Turkish occupation forces & terrorist mercenaries attack several villages

Hasaka, (ST):  The Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries renewed their attacks on the houses and properties of the people in the villages and towns to the north of Abu Raseen town  to the north west of  Hasaka city.

News reporter said that the Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries attacked with artillery the villages of Nuweihat and Bab al-Faraj, north of Abu Raseen town, causing material damage to houses and properties. The Turkish artillery attacked the above-mentioned villages from various positions inside the Turkish territories and observation points in Tel Mendel, Onq al-Hawa and al-Dawodiya.

Aleppo Chamber of Industry launches first Syrian-made ventilator

ALEPPO, (ST)- Aleppo Chamber of Industry on Thursday launched the first Syrian-Made ventilator called "Amal" (Hope), created completely by local expertise following necessary medical experiments.

The ventilator is due to be presented to the Health Ministry so as to be adopted in the hospitals and isolation centers designated for confronting coronavirus.

Fares Shehabi, Chairman of Aleppo Chamber of Industry, said during a press conference, held on Thursday, to launch the ventilator ,that the chamber has assigned a medical and technical work team for designing and implementing the project with local expertise.

The situation relating to coronavirus in Syria is still under control: Russian Ambassador

Despite the damage caused to the health care system in Syria due to the terrorist war and the unfair Western sanctions imposed on the country, Syria has  mobilized all its resources and capabilities to confront the novel coronavirus, Russian Ambassador to Syria Aleksandr Yefimov said.

In an interview with Sputnik news agency published on Thursday Yefimov said that the situation relating to coronavirus in Syria is still under control, calling for lifting the unfair western sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and that hamper the country's anti-virus efforts.

The Syrian government managed to act wisely and proactively before the epidemic reached it and it quickly took the required medical and administrative precautionary measures in this respect, Yefimov said.