Expatriates and Students Renewed Rejection to Foreign Meddling in Syria's Affairs


CAPITALS, (ST)_ The Syrian Students and Expatriates in Czech and Spain held solidarity rallies with Syria against the ongoing foreign-backed schemes targeting Syria.

The participants highly appreciated the role of the Syrian Arab Army in confronting the terrorists and their supporters in defence of stability and security in Syria.

The participants reiterated their support to the ongoing reforms masterminded and initiated by President Bashar Al-Assad for more than 11 years.

Syrian Expatriates and Students in Iran, Belorussia, and Germany renewed their rejection to foreign meddling in Syria's affairs, and support to the reform process under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad.

The participants in the organized solidarity demonstrations in support of their Motherland, Syria, according to SANA reporters, warned against the alliance of evil countries against Syria in support of the ongoing mercenary terrorists armed groups aggressions against the Syrians.

The Syrian Students in Iran, in a letter, hailed the stances of the countries and people who stood in support of Syria in the face of the conspiracy, particularly Russia, China and Iran.

In a statement, the organizers called on the German Government to backtrack on its mistake in supporting terrorism in Syria under different false pretexts.

The Syrians in Belorussia called for a halt in supporting the mercenary armed terrorist groups and lambasted the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian People.

In Russia, the Syrian Expatriates, Students and their Russian friends stood united in front of the US Embassy in Moscow, in support of their Leadership and the Syrian Army in encountering the fierce campaign and organized terrorism against Syria.

The demonstrators hoisted the Syrian Flag, President Al-Assad's pictures, and raised pro-Syria banners. On some placards was written: '' hands off Syria'', '' Leave the democracy of rockets and bombs to yourselves'', and ''We all are with you Bashar in the frontlines confronting international terrorism''.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim




Symposium in Brazil: Syria Targeted by US-led Aggressive Attack




BRASILIA, (ST) – Participants in a symposium held in Brazil under the theme of "Brazil in the World: Duties and Responsibilities in the Middle East" stressed that Syria is targeted by an aggressive attack, because of its stance which reject the dictations of the US and its western and regional allies.

The symposium was organized Thursday by the Foreign Relations and National Defense Committee at the Brazilian Parliament.

The participants affirmed that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are contributing to shedding the Syrian blood in implementation of the western and US plots, calling on these countries to stop supporting terrorism in Syria.

The Brazilian Foreign Affairs Ministry representative who attended the symposium called on all countries concerned in solving the crisis in Syria to resort to dialogue as to help solve this crisis.

Syria's Ambassador and Iran's Ambassador in Brazil also attended the symposium, in addition to other personalities representing the Syrian Arab community in Brazil.


Y. Khadour




Syria's FM to meet UN Envoy in Damascus on Saturday: Makdisi




DAMASCUS, (S.T) _UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdaral Al-Ibrahimi is to visit Damascus on Saturday as to brief the Syrian officials on the results of his recent visits to a number of countries including those of influence on armed terrorist groups.

Spokesman of the Syrian Foreign Ministry, Dr.  Jihad Makdissi, told AFP on Thursday that  "al-Ibrahimi will meet with Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem on Saturday morning."

Damascus will be the latest leg of al-Ibrahimi tour which included  Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon.

On the penultimate leg of his tour (Beirut), al-Ibrahimi warned on Wednesday that the Syria’s conflict could set the entire region ablaze.

On October 15, al-Brahimi called for a temporary ceasefire during the four-day Islamic Eid al-Adha holiday starting on October 26.

In this context, the local "al-Baath" newspaper reported on Thursday that "The envoy has focused his efforts on "convincing all parties to accept a temporary and limited objective as a first step towards a solution, and as a litmus test of all parties' intentions."

 It added that al-Ibrahimi is making a thorough and prudent effort to overcome the obstacles (in implementing) a diplomacy of small steps.

B. Qaddour





A Presidential Decree Regulates Research in Genetic Engineering




DAMASCUS_ (ST) President Bashar al-Assad today issued decree No. 24  for 2012  on bio-security of genetically modified living organisms   and their products. The decree aims at regulating research and development in genetic engineering area. It sets controls for  the input, output, transfer, production, circulation and use of genetically  modified organisms, in order to ensure a safe  health  level of  human, animal, plant and the environment  .

The Decree defines the functions of the authorities responsible for the implementation of the law , its tasks and mechanism of work.

T. Fateh




Russia’s Deputy PM : Russian Weapons Exported to Syria Cannot Be Used against Civilians

MOSCOW, (ST)_ Russian Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of Military Industries, Dmitry Rogozin, on Thursday has criticized the focus on Russia and its supplying arms to Syria, while others import different kinds of weapons to launch battles against legitimate authority, stressing that his country don't supply any prohibited weapons.

In a meeting held today in Moscow between the Russia Parliamentarians and a delegation representing the Council of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA), Russia Today Website quoted Rogozin as saying that all weapons supplied to Syria are for defense.

Rogozin has said that the weapons Russia has exported to Syria cannot be used against the civilians and the weapons systems, especially the air defense systems supplied, will be used by Syria only to defend itself against external threats.

Weapons Export Controlling in Russia, unlike other countries, is subjected to strict measures, Rogozin added.

To focus on Russia concerning the issue of exporting weapons is untrue, because Russia has always been faithful to its international commitments, Rogozin pointed out.

In this context, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, Alexander Grushko, confirmed his country's firm stance as to get the crisis in Syria sorted out by the Syrians' efforts without any foreign interference.

In a speech before Council of the Russian Federation in presence of a delegation from NATO PA, Grushko said that Russia has been doing its best for helping to launch  political dialogue and violence halt in Syria, yet Russia's partners should also exert all efforts possible to push the Syrian opposition to start dialogue with the authority.

He added that the main task of the international community is restricted to implementing the plan of the former UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan and Geneva statement, in addition to providing support to the current UN Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi's mission.

Grushko voiced concern  over terrorists' infiltration and weapons smuggling into Syria, pointing out that the fragmentation of the opposition constitutes an obstacle on the way of solving the crisis in Syria.

The opposition is unable to unite its ranks or form a political force to dialogue with, Grushko  concluded.

Syria Times