Syrian Army to Restore Security and Stability to Every Span of Syria, Dr. al-Halqi

 HOMS, (ST)_ The Syrian Army is to restore security and stability to every span of Syria, Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi underscored here Wednesday.

The Premier, during his field visit to Homs governorate, about 170 kilometers from Damascus, reiterated that Homs would remain the throbbing heart of Syria, citing the return to normalcy of life  in the city following a series of bloody terrorist attacks by mercenary foreign-backed and trained terrorists of al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists.

The Premier described the services sector, especially water, electricity and living conditions,  in the city as good, where the basic requirements for life are available in more the 27 quarters of the city, calling on the inhabitants of the city who were forced to leave their houses under the threats of the terrorist groups, to return to their houses.

The Premier, accompanied by several Ministers, inspected mainly Baba Amro quarter, temporary residence centres at al-Shamas, al-Hadhara Street, al-Bassel Health Compound, Homs Refinery, and al-Baath University.  


M.A. Al-Ibrahim




Moscow: Armed Groups Possess US-made Weapons




MOSCOW,(ST)_ "We have reliable information that Syrian ''militants''- foreign-backed armed terrorist groups- have foreign portable anti-aircraft missile systems, including those made in the USA... it should be cleared up who delivered them," General Nikolai Yegorovich Makarov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia told journalists in Moscow,  adding that these weapons, equipment and ammunition  are transferred to these groups in different ways, including by air transportation. 

Commenting on directives given by President Barack Obama to provide the armed terrorist groups in Syria   with a shipment of anti-aircraft portable missiles, the Russian army official added: "The Americans have abandoned such directives and said they did not provide the Syrian opposition with any kind of weapons."

Earlier, Alexander Lukashevich, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson asserted that the arming the terrorist groups in Syria with a man-portable air defense systems, (MANPADS) was a ''most dangerous act,"


T. Fateh




Sanctions on Syria Hurt Ordinary People




Franklin Lamb, a US author, lawyer and Professor of International Law, has recently visited Damascus to do a research on the impacts of the Western sanctions imposed on Syria. 

He questioned the legality of these sanctions and showed how terrible their effects were on Syrian families.

Discussing the sanctions issue with some officials, traders and even students, Lamb found out that the sanctions imposed on Syria are “illegal under international customary law and should be outlawed by an international convention because they are political, rather obviously designed to achieve regime changes.”

He came up with a result that sanctions are also “fundamentally indiscriminate targeting and endangering innocent civilian population particularly the poor.”

Lamb criticized as nonsense the claims made in Washington and Europe that the increasing layers of sanctions target only the “regime’s leader” and its policies. He stressing that those seriously affected are actually the ordinary people not the government officials, reminding in this connection of the case in Iraq “where US organized sanctions have been found to be a main cause of nearly 500,000 deaths of children.”

According to Lamb, the sanctions, designed for application to Syria, also violate the UN Charter which commands that all members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.

Explaining what the situation is under the unjust sanctions, Lamb quoted one of his interviewees, who seemed very upset by the tremendous effect of the sanctions, particularly on prices, as saying: “prices have risen at least 40 percent on average, especially consumer goods and basic food, like meat, milk, bread, vegetables, fruits etc. Eggs and chicken have doubled in price and are unavailable in some small shops. Lines are getting longer at some gas stations in some parts of Damascus. The sanctions have also forced many people to close their factories in Damascus and Aleppo, because of lack of raw materials, and the spiral increase in their prices. Besides, some of the Syrian youth are considering travelling because of the lack of job opportunities and frustration. Some of the idle young are joining gangs and being recruited by “jihadists” groups offering cash and weapons along with indoctrination.”

The interviewee pointed out that this crisis has also “forced employers to discharge people to cut down expenses and warmongers have benefitted from the crisis.

Lamb’s research sums up the issue by stressing that the Western-imposed sanctions have hurt the ordinary Syrian people more than the government by far.


Hamda Moustafa




"Salutation to the Homeland's Defenders" Exhibition




Damascus, (S.T)_ Under the slogan "Salutation to the Homeland's Defenders", a photograph exhibition was opened on Sunday at the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rommaneh suburb in Damascus.

The exhibition shows hundreds of photos from the October Liberation War archive besides Syrian published newspapers' headlines .

The four –day event was organized by the Revolution Youth Union (RYU) on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the October Liberation War.

Member of the Baath Arab Socialist Party's Regional Leadership, Mrs. Shahinaz Fakoush, outlined the importance of this event as our Syrian Arab Army is offering sacrifices and boosting its victories through combating foreign-backed terrorism in our country.

The current circumstances in our country are similar to those during the October War, as Syria is facing an enemy armed with western and Israeli weapons aiming at destroying the Syrian State and punishing its people for foiling all the hegemonic and hostile schemes planned for the region.





Naom Chomsky: My visit to Gaza contributes in ending the Israeli blockade

American scholar and activist Noam Chomsky expressed delight for finally being able to visit Gaza after many attempts to enter it by land and through Solidarity ships.

On Thursday, Chomsky arrived in Gaza where he was scheduled to attend the International English Language conference, at Gaza's Islamic University

Chomsky stressed that his visit contributes to breaking the siege on Gaza, during a reception held by the Islamic University to welcome the delegation composed of academics from America, France, Britain and Canada, who arrived in Gaza on Thursday to partake in the first International English Language Conference in language, literature and linguistics.

He said that he was engaged in defending the Palestinian people and talking about their ordeal over the past seventy years.

Chomsky said that in May 2010, the Israeli regime- occupation authorities-  barred him from entering the occupied West Bank where he was to deliver a lecture at a Palestinian university. He finally had to broadcast his speech via video link from neighboring Jordan.

The head of the university's administrative board and head of the Popular Committee against the Siege, MP Jamal al-Khudari, stressed that the arrival of the delegation proves to the occupation that the Palestinian people is being supported by all the free world.

For his part, head of the Islamic University, Dr. Kamalin Shaath, welcomed the delegation, stressing that the university has always sought to open the horizons of cooperation with the outside community, despite all the difficulties faced by Gaza; most notably the siege and the Israeli attacks.

The American professor entered Gaza through the Rafah crossing in coordination with Egyptian authorities and he is scheduled to tour refugee camps during his visit.

Professor Chomsky was born in 1929. He is well-known for his linguistic, philosophical and critical academic output in the field of language, literature, politics, philosophy and sociology. He is also famous for his intellectual and extremely vocal opposition to US foreign policy, as well as his criticism of the Israeli occupation.

Gaza News