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Iran warns against Patriot deployment on Syria frontier (2)

Iran's army chief of staff warned NATO on Saturday that stationing Patriot anti-missile batteries on Turkey's border with Syria was setting the stage for world war.

General Hassan Firouzabadi, called on the Western military alliance to reverse its decision to deploy the defense system.

"Each one of these Patriots is a black mark on the world map, and is meant to cause a world war," Firouzabadi said, according to the Iranian Students' News Agency. "They are making plans for a world war and this is very dangerous for the future of humanity and for the future of Europe itself."


Zerrougui tours a number of Shelter Centers in Damascus and Its Countryside

DAMASCUS, (ST)- UN Secretary General's Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, Leila Zerrougui, on Saturday inspected the situation of the services provided to the children of the families staying at the temporary shelter centers in Damascus and its countryside after having fled the armed terrorist groups.

Zerrougui and the accompanying delegation tored a number of these centers at al-Falloujeh School in al-Yarmouk Camp and Ghaliyeh Farhat School in Barzeh in Damascus and the Consultative Center of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Jaramana in the countryside.

"there is a  necessity to keep children away from the acts of violence and the crises as they are the only guarantor of the future of the communities,"Zerrougui stressed.

"everybody bears the responsibility to protect children from the negative effects of crises as they are the spectrum that is most affected by crises,"she added.

Zerrougui arrived in Damascus on Friday on a 4-day visit in response to an invitation by the Syrian government to assess the direct impact of the crisis in Syria on children.

Zerrougui is due to meet a number of Syrian officials and representatives of UN organizations,based  in Syria, in addition to representatives of NGOs.


Rejection of foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs,stressed al-Halqi

affairs.DAMASCUS,(ST)-"there is a necessity to revamp and enhance the national parties' role as regards keeping rapprochement with the entire Syrian society spectra ,calling for attaining tolerance and living up to expectations in a bid to achieve the national reconciliation and ensuring security and stability in Syria,"underscored Premier Wael al-Halqi

Al-Halqi remarks came after meeting a delegation representing the National Democratic Bloc chaired by Barwin Ibrahim,Secretary General of the National Youth Party for Justice and Development and Maher Murhij,the Syrian National Youth Party Secretary General.

During the meeting,al-Halqi affirmed the necessity of playing a constructive and integrated role by the national parties along with the governmental sides to maintain the public and private prosperities and meeting the Syrian people steadfastness 's requirements in order to combat conspiracies.

Talking also dealt with the current situation and the political developments locally and internationally.

Participants in the meeting stressed the national forces's role in confronting terrorism ,supporting the national reconciliation efforts and rejection of foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs.


Zerrougui in Damascus


DAMASCUS,(ST)-At the invitation from the Syrian government,the UN Undersecretary and Special Representative for for Children and Armed Conflict Leila Zarrougui arrived today in Damascus.

"during her four-day visit,Zerrougui is due  to meet a number of Syrian officials,the UN organisations' representatives  -based in Damascus- and NGO's representatives in a bid to be involved in protecting boys and girls,"Dr.Khaled al-masri,the UN media advisor told SANA.

Zerrougui will also evaluate the direct impact of the crisis in Syria on children.

Zerrougui was born in 1956 in SoukAhras,Algeria.Graduated from the Ecole Nationale d'Administration (Algiers).

She has had varios academic positions at law schools in Algeria.

Zerrougui was appointed Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict at the Under Secretary-General level in September 2012.


Dialogue is the Only Solution to Crisis: Syrian Coalition forces for peaceful Change




MOSCOW,(ST)_ Members of the Syrian  delegation  representing the " coalition forces for peaceful change" , to Moscow stressed that  peaceful  solution for the  crisis in Syria is the only outlet attained through national dialogue based on  rejecting  foreign interference and halting of violence , noting that   external opposition  recalls foreign intervention into the Syrian internal affairs.

In a press conference they held following their meeting  with the Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov  in Moscow,  members of the  delegation  stressed that the so called " Doha conference" was pre-fabricated and its attendees  went there just to sign  already prepared documents.

They  also stressed that the American recognition of " Doha coalition is, but a blow to the basics of democracy and a confiscation  of the right of the Syrian people  to self-determination.

"There is no military solution to the crisis in Syria and that the only possible solution is that maintained  through  unconditional dialogue, based on the principles of rejecting  foreign interference and all forms of violence and extremism , " stressed chairman of the  delegation Dr. Qadri Jamil , calling  on  everyone to join the  dialogue and to give up arms.

"We agreed with Lavrov that  dialogue should start immediately and to expand humanitarian aid to the Syrian people," Jamil said,  adding that Russia  is Syria 's  historical friend  and that what is required is to bring the opposition together and  launching the  dialogue .

"As a national opposition inside Syria, we are ready for dialogue  and the door is open for  those who want to join us  and preset  conditions for dialogue means  abrogation  of the dialogue ,"  Jamil added.

He made it clear that the imperialists  of the West  have not changed  their  position concerning the crisis supporting  foreign intervention  in Syria, adding that the  global war against Syria and the unfair economic sanctions against  it caused great economic losses, yet   Syria is well adapted with these  challenges.

Replying to a question  on  including " al-Nusra front " on the list of U.S. terrorism , Dr. Jamil explained : "Our  experience with the U.S. administration regarding this matter is not  confidence- inspired,  because the armed groups in Syria receive orders and support from the West itself ."

For his part, member  of the Peaceful Change  Trend,  Fateh Jamous,  called for the formation of a united front to withstand the Turkish intervention in the Syrian internal affairs, noting that the Turkish support for the armed terrorist groups is  large and clear, and that  Washington is the worst  "decision-making center for the crisis in Syria."


"What we seek  is that the Russians and the Chinese will eliminate  the  ill effects of the policies  conducted by the  USA and the West against Syria ,  and they are doing their part , based  on  respect for  international law and security and peace in the world," adding that the delegation proposed the  idea of forming  national democratic forces  teams  including  social, people and political forces  in order to find out a political solution  for the crisis in Syria.

The representatives of the  Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Tareq al-Ahmad,  member of the Secular Democratic Trend, Mazen Bilal,  and the representative  of the " third trend  for Syria", Samy Betinjanah,  stressed that the national opposition rejects classification of Syria on the ground  of minorities and majorities . "We want a transparent democracy , and do  reject the sectarian language uttered by Doha coalition."

They noted Russia 's  seriousness in dealing with the crisis in Syria, stressing that the Russian position has not changed: the  Syrian people,  should  maintain self-determination  and decide  their fate  by themselves as well as  the form of  their reign away from any external interference.

"We want to build a political environment through dialogue, which will isolate the terrorists ,extremists and radicals, and be able to get out of  the crisis." They emphasized.

On the other hand,  Dr. Jamil  stated  that talks  of the delegation  with the Russian Foreign minister Sergei  Lavrov resulted in an agreement not to  postpone the dialogue in Syria . Further more ,the  need to speed it up and  to  provide the Syrian people  with humanitarian relief aids under the  unjust siege imposed by the  colonial West against the Syrian people .

He  said that the Russian friends  expressed  willingness  to  ensure requirements  to move to this direction.


T. Fateh