The Ministry of Health reports registering 87 new coronavirus cases

The Ministry of Health reported registering 87 new cases of Coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections in Syria to 1764.

The Ministry records the recovery of 8 coronavirus cases, bringing the number of recoveries to 425 and the death of 4 cases, bringing the number of deaths to 68.

Saudi Arabia opens its airspace to Israeli aviation and the UAE makes telephone calls with Israel

Concurrently with the promotion of diplomatic contacts between the UAE and Israel, the events of the Gulf-Israeli normalization accelerated dramatically,represented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opening  its airspace to Zionist flights to and from the Emirates.

"The flights from Tel Aviv to Dubai and vice versa  will pass over Saudi airspace," a senior advisor to the Emirati crown prince told the Israeli newspaper "Israel Today."

Meanwhile, Reuters correspondents showed that many calls were made between the UAE and the Israeli entity on Sunday, after the two countries moved to normalize diplomatic relations last week.

Health Ministry: 84 new Coronavirus cases were registered, 9 patients recovered, and 4 died

The Ministry of Health announced on Sunday the registration of 84 new cases of Coronavirus, and the recovery of 9 cases and the death of 4 others.

The ministry indicated in a statement to SANA, that the number of cases recorded in Syria has reached up to 1677, of which 417 have recovered, and 64 cases have passed away.

The first Coronavirus was recorded in Syria on 22 of last March for a person coming from outside the country, while the first death was recorded on 29th of the same month.

Sanaa Hasan

The Cabinet reviews various ministries’ work programs for the next stage according to contents of President Bashar Al-Assad's speech

 Prime Minister Engineer Hussein Arnous, confirmed that President Bashar al-Assad's speech to the members of the People's Assembly was characterized by comprehensiveness, clarity, stability and transparency .The speech has contents and goals that the government team must translate into an executive program of action at the level of each Ministry.

During his chairmanship of the Cabinet’s weekly session today, Eng. Arnous underlined the importance of focusing on enhancing the productive process, developing public and private investments, expanding the base of micro, small and medium enterprises, restructuring the agricultural sector, supporting family farming, facilitating the return of farmers to their lands, developing the food industry sector, and intensifying steps to combat corruption, institutionally and administratively.

The Ministry of Interior calls on Syrian citizens stranded abroad to register requests for return at the Syrian embassies

 The Ministry of Interior called on Syrian citizens wishing to return to Syria to communicate with the Syrian embassies in (Cairo, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Amman, Kuwait, Khartoum, Manama, Moscow, Algeria and Baghdad) to register their request to return to it.

The Ministry stated in a statement today that this procedure will allow the special government team to prepare the Syrian flights program as part of the government's efforts to return Syrian citizens stuck abroad.

The Ministry noted that upon arrival at Damascus International Airport, the citizens would be allowed to return to their homes after conducting a corona test and staying at the Ebla Sham Hotel in exchange for an additional $ 200 on the plane ticket.

Inas Abdulkareem