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20 terrorists killed in renewed infighting among Turkish-backed armed groups in Ras al-Ayn

HASAKA, (ST)- Infighting among the Turkish-backed armed groups was renewed on Tuesday in the Turkish-occupied city of Ras al-Ain in Syria’s Hasaka northwestern countryside.

More than 20 terrorists were killed and scores others were injured.

Local sources told SANA reporter that the infighting was renewed on Tuesday at a high pace for the second day, pointing out that the Turkish occupation-backed terrorists are using machineguns and shells, thereby increasing casualties within the ranks of the rival groups and causing huge destruction to civilians’ houses.

Syrian community in Spain calls for lifting the economic siege imposed on Syria

MADRID, (ST)- The Syrian community in Spain has condemned the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by the United States and some European countries on Syria and urged immediate lifting of these unfair measures.

Archbishop Nicholas Matti Abdulahad of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Spain, called on the United Nations, the international community and human rights organizations to act so as to put an end to the unfair American and European sanctions imposed on Syria. He made it clear that the Syrian people are currently confronting the spread of coronavirus after nine years of war against terrorist organizations that have been backed by the same forces imposing these sanctions.

Grospic says West’s insistence to maintain economic sanctions on Syria is irresponsible behavior

PRAGUE, (ST)- Head of the Czech Parliamentary Group for Friendship with Syria Stanislav Grospic has stressed that the insistence of the western countries to maintain unilateral coercive economic measures on Syria and other countries, which are confronting coronavirus pandemic, “is a crime and an irresponsible behavior.”

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Prague on Wednesday, Grospic said the continued imposition of these measures by some western countries shows the subordination of these countries to the United States, warning that these measures badly affect the livelihood of millions of people in Syria and other countries.

Syrian captives in Israeli jails are more determined to continue resisting the occupation

The struggle of the people in the occupied Syrian Golan will continue against the Israeli occupation even from behind the bars of the occupation jails until every inch of the sacred soil of Golan is liberated, Sidqi al-Maqt, Dean of the Syrian prisoners, who has recently been liberated following more than 30 years in Israeli jails, has stressed marking the Syrian Captive Day which is observed on April 21st.

The Syrian Captive Day comes this year as the people in Golan are facing both the Israeli occupation and the deadly coronavirus epidemic with strong steadfastness and more determination to continue resisting and struggling against the inhuman and aggressive practices of the Israeli occupation.

Al-Maqt reiterated that the captives' movement in Golan has been the result of tens of years of constant struggle against occupation by Syrian and Palestinian prisoners through confronting the prisons' administration, launching the battle of the empty stomach and foiling the occupation's schemes against the captives who are now experiencing difficult circumstances amid the spread of coronavirus.

Commissioned by President Bashar Al-Assad , Minister Azzam conveys congratulations to the heads of the Christian communities that follow the eastern calendar for Easter

 On April 19, commissioned by President Bashar Al-Assad, Minister of Presidential Affairs Mansour Azzam conveyed to the heads of the Christian communities that follow the eastern calendar congratulations of President Al-Assad on the occasion of the glorious Easter and his wishes for them and all the Syrians for  good times.

Minister Azzam conveyed congratulations to Patriarch John X of the Patriarch of Antioch and the rest of the East for the Greek Orthodox, His Holiness Patriarch Mar Ignatius Avram II, Patriarch of Antioch and the rest of the East, Head of the Syriac Orthodox Church in the world and their two communities.

In turn, the heads of the two communities expressed their gratitude for President Assad 's wishes for Easter and their hope that God will preserve Syria and rid it of  the terrorist war that it is exposed to and spare it from all evil, especially in light of the difficult circumstances in the region and the world due to the dangerous Corona pandemic.

The Christian communities in Syria, which follow the eastern calendar, celebrated the glorious Easter of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

O. al-Mohammad