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Syrian army units expand their control in the south of Idleb

IDLEB, (ST)_ Syrian army units have been engaged in fierce clashes with al-Nusra Front terrorists towards Mdaya town in the northwest of Khan Sheikhon city in the southern countryside of Idleb after the units captured towns of Abdin, Kherbet Abdin and Em Zeiton in the west of the city.

According to the Syrian News Agencyv(SANA), the clashes ended in the death of many terrorists and the run away of others towards the heart of the southern side of Idleb. 

Nasrallah: Israeli War On Lebanon in 2006 Aimed to Undermine Resistance, Create New Middle East

BEIRUT, (ST)- The goal of the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006 was to undermine resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, overthrow the Syrian government, isolate Iran and create a new Middle East,  Secretary General of Hizbollah, the Lebanese resistance movement, Hassan Nasrallah has stressed.

Commemorating the 13th anniversary of the victory of the Lebanese resistance over the Israeli enemy in July 2006, Nasrallah said in a televised statement that "the war was orchestrated by the United States. Israel was only a tool in this war." He pointed out that if the war had succeeded  in achieving its goals, the US would have dominated the entire region.

Report Shows that Saudi Arabia Covered up its War Crimes in Yemen

An international law group has submitted a new report to the British government providing evidence that the Saudi-led coalition has been covering up its unlawful airstrikes on civilian targets and its war crimes in the war on Yemen.

According to Press TV, researchers from the independent Yemeni rights group Mwatana, seen as impartial by the UN, have collected the evidence which was submitted to the international trade secretary, Liz Truss, by the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) and UK law firm Bindmans.

The 288-page report said the Saudi attacks violate international humanitarian law by "targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure."

Israeli Occupation Forces Raid Ramallah City

RAMALLAH - Israeli occupation forces early Friday raided the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Security sources confirmed that Israeli forces stormed the al-Masayef, al-Irsal and Ein Misbah neighborhoods of Ramallah, triggering confrontations with residents.

Soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades at local youngsters who attempted to block their passage. No detention cases and injuries were reported.

Israeli occupation forces carry out frequent raids across the West Bank –including occupied al-Quds-- on the pretext of searching for “wanted” Palestinians, triggering clashes with residents.

US-Turkish Deal on So-Called "Safe Zone" in Syria Serves "Israel": Former Turkish Deputy PM

ANKARA, (ST)- Former Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Abdullatif Sener has reiterated that the US-Turkish deal on establishing a so-called "safe zone" in the northern part of  Syria serves "Israel".

In a statement to the Turkish Bizim TV Channel, Sener held the President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan responsible for the presence of the terrorist organizations in Syria, stressing that Erdogan's regime has provided all forms of support to the terrorist groups in order to destroy Syria in the service of "Israel".

Sener said that Erdogan "threatens Israel only in words. He is not serious about his threats and all he says in this regard aims to cheat the Turkish people, because he will never do anything against Israel."