Syrian-Russian Diplomatic Ties Characterized by Firm Strategic Cooperation

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Syria and Russia are today commemorating the 75th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties. These ties have witnessed several political eras in which they proved their depth and strength.

The Syrian-Russian diplomatic ties have been characterized by full coordination based on joint clear vision and stance at regional and international levels and they have been based on mutual respect and confidence as well as on joint will to confront hegemony attempts and violations of international laws.

The Soviet Union was the among the first countries to recognize Syria's independence and liberation from the French colonialism.

Russia has deepened its friendship and strategic cooperation with Syria through supporting the country in the face of a foreign-backed terrorist war and in defense of Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity. It offered martyrs on the Syrian land and it has been present at international meetings and diplomatic forums where it decisively defended Syria's rights and stood against pressure attempts.

Army repels an attack by terrorist groups, destroys a number of their vehicles in Idleb countryside

Idleb, Hama - Army units have repelled a fierce attack launched by terrorist groups on military posts which work on protecting the village of al-Qasabyia in Idleb southern countryside after violent clashes, in addition to destroying a number of vehicles belonging to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and the affiliated organizations.

SANA said that army units engaged in violent clashes with terrorist groups which had launched an attack in the direction of al-Qasabyia village in Idleb southern countryside  which has been recently liberated by the army.

Al-Moallem in Belarus for Talks on Enhancing Syrian-Belarusian Ties

MINSK, (ST)- Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallem on Sunday started an official visit to Belarus at the invitation of his Belarusian counterpart Vladimir Makei.

Al-Moallem is due to hold talks with senior Belarusian officials on ways to enhance relations between the two friendly countries in all fields. The two sides will exchange viewpoints on regional and international issues of common interest.

Syria Wins Silver, Bronze Medals at International Mathematical Olympiad in Britain

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Syrian team participating in the International Mathematical Olympiad in Britain won two medals, a silver and a bronze, as well as three certificates of appreciation (Honourable Mentions).

112 countries took part in the event whose competitions were concluded on Friday.

The Distinction and Creativity Agency said in a statement on Saturday that Ahmad Rajab Khamis and Mohammad Bashir al-Hafi from the "al-Basel" high school for the excelled in Aleppo, won a silver medal and a bronze medal respectively.

NAM States Condemn US Intervention, Promote Multilateralism

 The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) condemned Saturday the United State’s continued hostile policies toward Venezuela and called for strengthened multilateralism against the hegemony of powerful nations that undermine the world order and international law.

At the opening of the meeting of the Ministerial Meeting of the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement (Co-BNAM) being held in Caracas, Venezuela until July 21, the Venezuela's foreign minister Jorge Arreaza said: "We are experiencing a historic moment in which multilateralism is being attacked, a systemic phenomenon that affects many countries in the world (with) coups d'états, political and economic destabilization and geopolitical interests."

According to Telesur, Arreaza insisted on the right to peace and for the people of nations to decide their future without external pressures.