Al-Jaafari: Syria will continue fighting terrorism and protecting citizens from its danger

New York - Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said on Thursday that Syria will continue fighting terrorism and protecting citizens from its danger, adding that protecting civilians is the responsibility of the State and its sovereign institutions, SANA reported.

“The Syrian people have long suffered from a terrorist war, supported and funded by known governments which sponsor the international beyond-border terrorism, but the Syrian state has been able, with support of true allies, to keep the structure and work of its national institutions,” al-Jaafari said at a UN Security council session on protecting civilians in armed conflicts.

He added that Syria has reservation on the description of UN Secretary General’s report, entitled “Protecting Civilians in Armed conflicts,” which depicted that war against al-Qaeda, Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations as “armed conflict,” affirming that protecting civilians is mainly a responsibility which is assumed by the State concerned and  its sovereign institutions.

Army destroys Jabhat al-Nusra’s weapons in Idleb and Hama

Hama, Idleb – Army units on Thursday destroyed vehicles and weapons of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in al-Habeitt and Kafar Nabouda towns in Hama and Idleb countryside.

SANA said that the army’s blows left many terrorists either killed or injured as their weapons were destroyed.

Terrorists attack with bombs dropped from a drone al-Zara Power Station in Hama, huge damage caused

Hama – Terrorist organizations attacked with several bombs dropped from a drone al-Zara Power Generation Station in the southern countryside of Hama, causing huge damage to it.

Manager of Station Mostafa Shantout told SANA that a drone that belongs to terrorist groups dropped a number of bombs on Wednesday where huge damage was caused to the Station, adding that maintenance workshops started immediately to repair the damage.

India is Determined to Participate in the Reconstruction Process in Syria

Damascus- India reiterated the need to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, stressing that the resolution of the crisis is politically and under the leadership of Syria.

This came in a statement of the Embassy of India in Damascus following the visit of an Indian delegation to Syria during the period between 19 and 21 of May, including the Indian Deputy Foreign Minister for Foreign Affairs TS Niromorti and Director of the Department of West Asia and North Africa in the Ministry, Bala Baskar, and Ambassador of India to Damascus Hefz al -Rahman.

The embassy explained in its statement that the talks of the Indian delegation with a number of Syrian officials stressed the historic and close ties between the two countries and the condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, including cross-border terrorism.

According to the statement, India and Syria are determined to work together in the process of reconstruction, pointing out that India has started this through the expansion of the Tishreen thermal station and will update the Syrian-Indian Center for Excellence of Information Technology and closer cooperation in a range of other fields including energy, especially solar system and the work in the areas of education and capacity-building..

The statement also said India would set up the world-famous Jaipur foot camp, a limb-fitting camp organized by Indian BMFSS, to be held in the context of India's humanity initiative launched to mark Mahatma Gandhi's 100th birthday.

The Indian side thanked Syria for its continued support for India's candidatures at the United Nations and other international forums, according to the statement.

Sharif al -Khatib

Premier, Deputy Indian Foreign Minister Discuss Ways to Enhance Future Cooperation

Damascus-Prime Minister Emad Khamis discussed with Indian Deputy Foreign Minister TS Teromorti and his accompanying delegation ways to enhance future cooperation between the two countries in the economic and investment fields.

The meeting discussed how the Indian companies contribute to the reconstruction and preparations underway to hold the third session of the Syrian-Indian joint committee for cooperation in the economic, cultural, scientific and technical fields in the coming period.

Eng. Khamis expressed his appreciation to the Government and people of the Republic of India for their firm stance towards the terrorist war in Syria, stressing the importance of establishing solid foundations for economic relations that realize the aspirations of the peoples of the two countries and their common interests.

Eng. Khamis pointed out that Syria looks forward to enhancing trade, investment and scientific relations with India and benefiting from the experiences of the advanced Indian side in the field of information technology. He welcomed the participation of Indian economic companies and events in establishing investment projects in the reconstruction phase, which contributes to advancing relations to an advanced level in all fields.

For his part, the Indian Deputy Foreign Minister stressed that his country attaches special importance to the development of economic cooperation relations with Syria and to the positive results during the meetings of the Syrian-Indian Joint Committee, in view of the deep rooted historical relationship between the two friendly countries, indicating the necessity of activating the Syrian-Indian businessmen council and cooperation in the field of vocational and technical training.

The meeting was attended by the head of the Planning and International Cooperation Commission Dr. Imad Sabouni, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Dr. Faisal Mekdad and the Indian Ambassador in Damascus.

Sharif al -Khatib