Syria 's Modernized Democracy built on UN resolutions, Geneva Statement : Moscow




MOSCOW,(ST)- " One who thinks of modernizing Syria democratically , while honoring  its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, should do so under the provisions  of the UN Security Council resolutions and Geneva statement", said  official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich on Monday.

"We believe that our prime mission is to work to stop violence , save lives and launch the political process in Syria." Lukashevich said in a statement quoted by  Russia Today (RT) site.

 On the efforts made by international and regional sides to form new clusters and entities for the so called Syrian opposition, the Russian official stressed  that this issue is for Moscow   linked  to "the willingness of members of these coalitions to settling the  dispute by the Syrians themselves without outside military intervention and through dialogue and negotiation within the framework  of the  Comprehensive Agreement stated in the final communiqué  of the International Working Group meeting in Geneva."

He noted  that Moscow continues  contacts with the Syrian government and all spectrums of the  Syrian opposition in order to convince them  adopt such a constructive attitude.

For his part,  the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said that efforts to unify the "Syrian opposition" will be useful in one case, which is the  willingness to start dialogue with the Syrian government.

Gatilov wrote in his page on the social networking site Twitter "The unification of the Syrian opposition may be useful in the event of their joining the political dialogue with the government as stipulated in Geneva statements."


T. Fateh