President Ahmadinejad: National reconciliation only solution to Syria problem




TEHRAN, (ST)_  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said national reconciliation is the solution to crisis in Syria.

Returning from his four-day visit to Indonesia and Vietnam, IRNA quoted president Ahmadinejad as saying that the solution was discussed with other countries' officials at the Indonesian meeting which was welcome by them, too.

President Ahmadinejad stressed that war is not a solution for current situation in Syria, because those who win the war cannot create a sustainable security in the country and guarantee it.

The president pointed out that in the meeting with officials from a number of countries in Indonesia, it was decided that the mediating group be strengthened to settle the current dispute in Syria.

He said it was also decided that Indonesia would participate in creating understanding for solving the problem.

Ahmadinejad described mutual relations between Iran and Indonesia very good, adding that Indonesia is the largest Muslim country and has a very important role in the region and the world.

Concerning his visit to Vietnam, Ahmadinejad said that the country was in the front line of resistance against occupiers and bullying powers and moves toward progress.

There is an emotional relation between the two nations of Iran and Vietnam, the president said, adding that the Vietnamese have special respect for Iranians and both sides are trying to further expand ties, asserting that the two countries have common viewpoints on reforming the current existing world order.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim