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Countries sponsor conferences outside Syria back terrorism, says Human Rights Network


DAMASCUS, (S.T)_ The Syrian Human Rights Network called on international community to penalize the countries that are supporting and sponsoring conferences of opposition created by Istanbul and Qatar.

This call is based on the fact that these countries are breaching the UN Resolution No. 1373 through backing terrorism in Syria and aggravating the  bloodshed in Syria .

The network's statement reads: "The only real social component of the opposition formed by Istanbul and Qatar are the Qaeda-linked armed terrorist groups such as  Jabhat al-Nusra and the salafis, 'jihadists' and takfiris that have been wanted by the international community since September 11th events."

It asserted that the "Istanbul-Qatar opposition" 's conferences being convened according to the US style outside Syria are "false" because they are far away from the Syrian society's concerns.

"The Syrian society has rejected these conferences and all forms of foreign interventions," said the network.

It affirmed that those conferences are considered manipulation of the people's destiny and a flagrant intervention in the affairs of a sovereign country which is a UN-member .

"These conferences are violating the Universal Deceleration of Human Rights, the UN principles and the Declaration on the Right to Development," said the network.

Moreover, the network noted that there is a significant difference between an elected government and a government imposed from the outside, demanding the human rights organizations, particularly the Human Rights Council, to condemn those conferences "because they neither reflect the Syrian citizens' view nor that of the real opposition whether inside or outside Syria."

Basma Qaddour