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US delegation talks to wounded soldiers and displaced citizens

DAMASCUS,(ST)_A delegation from the International Action Center headed by the former United States Attorney General, William Ramsey Clark, has visited Syria to express solidarity of the US people with the Syrian people and army in fighting terrorism.

The visiting delegation, according to the official news agency (SANA), underscored the rejection of the US Administration's policy with regard to arming terrorists and causing the death of thousands of Syrians.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to a shelter in Damascus, Clark said: "Cooperation is necessary to prevent wars and threats against sovereign countries and to create a world based on justice."

He added that among the goals of the delegation's visit is to convey the real image to the US society about the armed terrorist groups' crimes against Syrians.

Clark listened to the ordeals of some displaced citizens who fled their homes because of terrorist groups' acts.


Mercenaries work to foment sedition

In a meeting held also today between the delegation and the Republic's Grand Mufti, the former US Attorney General said: "the mercenaries, who are supported by the US Administration, perpetrate crimes to foment sedition in Syria and they are responsible for the abduction of two bishops Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yaziji."

He expressed admiration for co-existence between Muslims and Christians in Syria. 

The delegation had a busy schedule today as it also visited a military hospital and talked to wounded soldiers, who were tracking down terrorists.           

The delegation comprised Sara Flounders (Principal leader of IAC),  Cynthia Mackinney (a member of Democratic Party), John Parker, Kenneth Car (anti-war activist).