Lavrov: No Mentioning of Chapter VII in Russian-US Agreement on Chemical Weapons in Syria


Moscow-Russian Foreign Minister said that he and the US State Secretary have agreed in Geneva on how to work regarding the chemical Weapons in Syria, adding that both will prepare a draft resolution to be presented to the United Nations in this concern.

In a joint Press Conference with his Egyptian counterpart Nabeel Fahmi, Lavrov affirmed that there is no mentioning of the chapter VII in the Russian-US Accord concerning chemical weapons in Syria.

"We reject any threat of using force in Syria, as it worsens the situation instead of solving the crisis.

Russia's top diplomat urged all countries of the region to participate in the efforts aiming to solve the crisis in Syria and to convince the "opposition" or force it to participate in the international conference on Syria.

Fahmi: We Support Making ME Free of WMD

 For his part, the Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabeel Fahmi stressed his support for making the Middle East free of Mass Destruction Weapons (WMD).

Fahmi said we cooperate with Russia on solving the crisis in Syria and we support holding the Geneva 2 conference with the participation of all parties concerned.

Fahmi affirmed that the Egyptian army was deployed in Sinai and the Egyptian government is keen to implement the law and combat terrorism there in order to consolidate security and stability in Egypt.

H. Mustafa