UN Humanitarian Organizations for Continued Support to Vulnerable Syrians under Crisis




DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Though claiming care for the Syrians, the Arab countries did not  even donate  one dollar for the Syrian people, especially the Gulf countries, rather contribute to the killing of Syrians," said the deputy minister of foreign affairs and expatriates, Dr. Faisal Al-Miqdad,  stressing the need of unmasking    these countries , which contributed, in funding  al-Qaeda organization in massacring the Syrians , and the  special  support  given to the Turkish government which facilitates the deployment  of terrorists to Syria by direct  support and financing from the Gulf states.

Al-Miqdad statements came during a meeting held at the Damascus Sheraton hotel on Monday  at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates for members of the humanitarian team which  includes all  UN humanitarian organizations, and  governmental sides concerned  in the " response plan" laid as a frame between the Syrian government and the UN organizations concerned.

al- Miqdad  stressed that the Syrian government unlimited cooperation with these organizations  in meeting  the requirements  of the affected population in Syria,  is provided  under the guidelines stipulated  in the  annex of the  UN  General Assembly  Resolution No. 46/182 on strengthening UN  humanitarian assistance in emergency situations, especially full respect for the  country 's sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity.

He continued that the Syrian government provided all facilities required forms for international efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to the affected citizens, through the Syrian Red Crescent Society and the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC office in Damascus.

"Halting the  funding provided by certain  countries in the region to the  armed terrorist groups would remove the most important causes behind  human suffering of  the Syrians, " al-Miqdad  said,  adding that "the unilateral sanctions imposed by the USA, the EU and other regional countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar against our country  obstruct prospects of development towards ensuring  basic services to citizens , worsen the humanitarian situation and  obstruct the efforts  to import  medicines, medical equipment and spare parts  needed  for running   and maintenance of  public utility systems,  constitute  the main reason for the suffering of the Syrian citizens and a serious impediment to improve the living conditions of the Syrians under the current crisis."

He  highlighted the  efforts  made by the Syrian government to provide  emergency aid to the Syrian people suffering  under the crisis, noting that  a sum of  one billion Syrian pounds was allocated at the  Central Bank of Syria to compensate  affected citizens .

He explained that some  547  temporary shelters were opened provided with necessary  services, adding that  some 35 health care centers for pregnant mothers and children  were rehabilitated  out of 199  terrorist-  looted or burnt health centers and  some 60 damaged ambulances out of total 303 ambulances were restored

Both the  UN regional coordinator  for humanitarian affairs Ridwan Nweiser , and the UN resident Coordinator Adam Abdul Mouala  stressed  that the Syrian government,  through ministries concerned, NGO 's, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the ICRC office in Damascus  ensured aids to affected citizens  and  ensured secure access to all UN employees  in their visits  to the Syrian regions, unconditionally.

They detailed that the UN which has worked for  long decades in Syria, when it was  the most stable and secure  in the world, will not give up supporting it under the current crisis. They renewed the UN commitment to provide  all needed support  for the Syrian people.


T. Fateh