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Plots to fragment military establishment, to be defeated, says al-Zou'bi

 LATTAKIA,(ST))_Information Minister has said what is going on in Syria is a 'US-Zionist plot being implemented by Syrian tools', asserting that the conspirators' plots to fragment the military establishment will be defeated.

Omran al-Zou'bi was speaking in a meeting held today in Lattakia on the latest developments.

He underscored that the military establishment will remain the arch guarantor of homeland, adding that the Syrian Arab army determines to notch up victory, defeat terrorism and restore stability and security all over the country.   

Al-Zou'bi made it clear that the recent statement issued by the Group of Eight (G8) talking about a transitional government with full executive authorities means putting the jurisdictions of the President and supervision on the military and security body at the government's beck and call in order to fragment this body.  

Geneva 2

He, in addition, noted that the opposition outside Syria has no political plan, holding the US and its agents responsible for hindering the Geneva 2 conference through supporting the mercenaries operating in the country before the meeting.

"If Geneva 2 is not convened, the reason will be that the US and its agents don't want it," the minister said.

He cited that holding dialogue among the Syrians and not negotiations is the political solution to the ongoing crisis.

Abductees in Lattakia

Responding to a question about the topic of abductees in  northern Lattakia countryside, the minister said that the political, military and security leaderships are grappling the issue with  great interest.

Jordan's attitude

As for the Jordanian governments' attitude towards the events in Syria, al-Zou'bi sees that the Jordanian government officially backs the political solution and doesn't allow sending weapons despite the fact that weapons and gunmen do enter through Jordan.

"Syria is keen on having good relations with Jordan, and we hope that the Jordanian government will do the same," the minister said.

Basma Qaddour