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Al-Halqi outlines the Arab intellectuals’ role in confronting cultural invasion

Damascus (ST)-Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi has confirmed that the comprehensive and systematic war waged against Syria targets the Arab nation and serves the  interests of the Zionist- American schemes in the region.

During the reception of the secretary General of the Arab Unification Party in Lebanon Wiaam Wahhab and Head of the Arab Bloc in Lebanon Skaker al-Barjawi on Thursday, al-Halqi expressed his confidence that Syria will get out triumphant of the crisis and will remain the impregnable fortress in front of all enemies.

Al-Halqi outlined the supportive stances of the national and Arab parties to the Syrian people in confronting the war that tries to shatter the Arab pride, dignity and the spirit of resistance, underlining the role played by the Arab intellectuals in challenging the cultural and media invasion in a bid to distort the Arab history and Islam.

The Premier highlighted the victories achieved by the brave Syrian Arab Army in facing the terrorist groups and  gradually restoring security and stability to the country in line with the government’s confrontation of the economic war.

For his part, Wahhab highlighted the Syrian government’s calls to the displaced citizens in the neighboring countries to come back home, voicing his party’s support to the Syrian people in the face of the global terrorism.

Wahhab expressed his complete confidence that the victory is imminent and that Syria will regain development and stability thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and Army.

Al-Barjawi voiced his Bloc’s support for Syria, reiterating that the axis of resisting the western schemes in the region will ultimately emerge triumphant.          

O. Al-Mohammad