Al-Saud’s family: History of plots against Arabs and Muslims

Despite the fact that long years have passed since the first publishing of a book titled “The History of Al Saud Family”, Dr. Nabil To’uma found it very necessary to republish this book at this stage due to the important documents included in it that refute the allegations of Al-Saud’s family, expose their moral and financial corruption and their ugly plots against the Arab people and their causes of destiny.

The re-publishing of the book is very important at this stage to disclose the Saudi ruling family’s dirty and ugly roles in the Arab region, the latest of which is the Saudi devastating role in the Syrian crisis and the billions of US dollars spent to achieve sinister goals. Implementing the orders of the US and Israel, members of the Saudi ruling family are publicly supporting the armed terrorist groups in Syria to commit heinous crimes and savage atrocities against Syrian people and their public and private properties. From the very beginning of the crisis, the foreign minister of Al-Saud considered that arming the terrorist groups in Syria as a religious duty and the members of the Saudi royal family started hectic attempts to export terrorists to Syria’s neighboring states to be trained, funded and sent to Syrian territories to commit ugly crimes there.

Al Saud considered Syria as an occupied territory, the thing which they did not do about Palestine which has been occupied by Israel since 1948.  The Saudi ruling family had provided terrorists in Syria with money and weapons while it exerted persistent efforts to prevent any kind of support for the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance. The Kingdom is betraying the Palestinian cause through fighting politically, intellectually, and through the media the resistance groups that stand against the Zionist usurper and try to liberate the occupied Arab territories.

 Recently, they started to bring members from Taliban of Pakistan to Syria to contribute to the destruction of Syria and the killing of innocent Syrian people. The Saudi royal family escalated their support for the armed terrorist groups in Syria in light of the great victories realized by the valiant Syrian armed forces who have been able to clear many areas of terrorists, eliminating large numbers of them and destroying their dens and ammunitions.

In fact, the republishing of the book at this stage is very important since it exposes the vicious and nasty role of the Saudi ruling family and its opposition to the pan-Arab trend since the beginning of the 20th century.

Historian Nasser al-Sa’eed falsified the family’s allegation that it descended from Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him), stressing that the origin of the family is Jewish. Many sheikhs and imams from Najd affirmed that Mohammed bin Abdel Wahab descended from a Jewish family that lived in Turkey and pretended that they were Muslims with the aim of damaging Islam and Muslims and hatching plots against them.

The book unveils facts about a lot of financial scandals, in addition to ethical scandals including bills of prostitutes, alcohol, and red nights spent by Saudi princes in various European countries.

In conclusion, the writer said that Al-Saud had suckled treason and treachery, drank betrayal, and learned deception from an early age, and hence they committed ugly crimes against the Arab people.