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Syrians must run dialogue themselves, says al-Zou'bi

TARTOUS, (ST)-"Based on preserving  its sovereignty as a free and independent state, Syria is ready to resolve the crisis politically .Furthermore, Syria is ready to take part in Geneva 2 conference  on condition that dialogue will be run by the Syrians," underscored  Minister of Information Omran al-Zou'bi .

Al-Zou'bi's remark was made during a meeting he held on Tuesday with political, cultural and youth activists plus  reporters.

 "actually, the opposition is only obsessed with   toppling the state simply because they have no political plan, clarified al-Zou'bi.

The minister made it clear that  while Syria  is working to knock out the US and Israel –affiliated armed opposition ,it is keen to see an active national opposition as the opposition reflects the government's mirror and vice versa.

" the Syrians wouldn't accept any political solution unless it endorsed by  H.E President Bashar al-Assad, "underlined al-Zou'bi, adding   that the political solution must  go in line  with confronting terrorism and there is  a possibility to hold a dialogue with those who are ready to lay down their weapons.

As Syria is currently facing unprecedented war, the Minister called on the  Syrians to be hand-in-hand only to overcome aggression  and consequently win the war against their enemies

"Local media ,to a great extent, resembles the Syrian Arab army who are doing their utmost in fighting terrorism. The national media has proved that It is a media of confrontation, steadfastness and going forward as regards upgrading the media discourse ,"al-Zou'bi highlighted.

" three radio stations have been recently launched, while preparations are underway to launch two new TV channels in Lattakia and Aleppo,"affirmed the minister.