Dempsey Acknowledges Control of Al-Qaeda Terrorists over "Armed Opposition" in Syria

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS- Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey has acknowledged the control of al-Qaeda and Jabhet a-Nusra terrorists over the so-called "opposition" in Syria.

Israeli well-informed political and media sources quoted Dempsey as saying in his meetings with Israeli officials during his visit to occupied Palestine within a tour which also contains Jordan, that "the United States watches the ongoing events in Syria through the satellites and that it has concerns over the control of what is called Jabhet al-Nusra and al-Qaeda over the armed opposition in Syria."

Dempsey reiterated the US commitment to supporting Israel and to supplying the Zionist entity with its needs of advanced weapons in order to preserve what he called "Israel's military supremacy" in the region.

He pointed out that America is ready to "defend" Israel in case it is exposed to what e described as "danger", but at the same time it may hesitate in providing full support if Israel launches a military adventure without pre-coordination with America.

The Israeli sources pointed out that Dempsey had asked the Israelis not to make any military adventure against Iran and not to embarrass America, particularly because the US is currently busy arranging the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan and following up the situation in Syria, Egypt and Iraq.

H. Mustafa