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U.N. Accepts Syria's Invitation to Visit Damascus for Consultations over Chemical Weapons

NEW York- The United Nations accepted an invitation by the Syrian government for a visit by UN officials for talks on the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

According to Itar Tass news agency,  the United Nations has accepted the Syrian government’s invitation to visit Damascus with a view to completing the consultations on the modalities of cooperation required for the proper, safe and efficient conduct of the United Nations mission to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Martin Nesirky, Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, said on Wednesday that Nesirky, Angela Kane, the United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, and Professor Ake Sellstrom, the Head of the United Nations Mission to investigate the use of chemical Weapons in Syria, were invited for consultations in Damascus.

On Monday, Russia submitted to the UN Chief Ban Ki-moon evidence proving that the "armed opposition" had used Chemical weapons in Aleppo.

The armed terrorist groups in Syria fired a rocket carrying the deadly nerve gas sarin at Khan al-Assal  town in the west of Aleppo on March 19th. 25 civilians were martyred and more than 100 were wounded most of them had serious injuries in the incident.

In two identical letters to the UN chief and President of the UNSC, Syria called for forming a neutral technical team of experts to investigate the use of chemical weapons by the terrorists in Aleppo.

Yesterday, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov announced that the documents and reports submitted by Moscow to the United Nations on the use of chemical weapons in Syria were true and they will answer all inquiries, stressing that the investigations conducted by Russia on the chemical weapons issue affirms that the Sarin gas bombs used in Khan al-Assal area near Aleppo were made in some areas under the control of the "armed opposition".

Earlier, Syria's Permanent Representative at the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari, said Syria has invited Sellstrom and Kane on the use of chemical weapons in the ongoing conflict in Syria.

He told reporters that the aim of the talks was to "discuss further the mechanism and terms of reference of the mission" established in March.

H. Mustafa