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Syria-UN Humanitarian Relief to the Displaced Bolstered

DAMASCUS, (St)- Minister of Social Affairs, Dr. Kinda al-Shammat underscored the need for co-operation and co-ordination between the executive government organizations in Syria and international organizations to monitor the implementation of the humanitarian response plan signed with the United Nations.

 The plan aims at discussing the hard circumstances for displaced Syrians and to find the best means in delivering humanitarian aid either in Aleppo or in any damaged area.

For his part, Minister of State for Red Crescent, Joseph Swid asserted the need for strategic cooperation between Red Crescent Organization and the Supreme Committee for the delivery of relief aids to beneficiaries.

The United Nations have provided a large number of humanitarian assistance to the affected population in most areas. Two offices affiliated to UN were launched in Homs and Tartus provinces, said Mr. Yousef Abdul Jalil, UN Acting Resident Coordinator.

"We in the United Nations seek hard to provide water, vaccination and all essential medical supplies, especially for children, women and elderly men," he added.

 The main objective of the UN team is immediate access to all Syrians across the country as to provide them with humanitarian assistance.

Today's meeting is to discuss the difficulty of delivering food aid to a number of regions in Syria since the beginning of the year, asserted Mr. Abdul Jalil.

He concluded that the UN organizations and all partners work hard to improve the human response quality by following a method based on Evidences and thus will be done by successive joint organized visits among all sectors to estimate the necessary needs through cooperation and co-ordination with all governmental and non-governmental establishments.

Syria has been exposed to a series of terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda affiliates, which has led to the displacement of many Syrian families.