Egypt: Army Barracks Clash Leaves Dozens Dead

Egypt's interim president Adli Mansour has called for calm amid reports that 51 people were killed in clashes outside the headquarters of the Republican Guard in Cairo, media agencies reported.

The military says supporters of Morsi - who the "Muslim Brotherhood"  believes is being held inside the headquarters following his ouster last week - attacked the premises with "heavy gunfire".

Egypt's military released footage it says shows demonstrators shooting at troops.

The footage - edited and released by the military - highlights at least two protesters who appear to be firing at the army.

Speaking at a news conference in Cairo, Army Colonel Ahmed Mohammed Ali said two policemen and an army officer were killed in the incident, adding that another 42 troops were injured.

Egypt's emergency services say at least 51 people died, and a further 435 people were injured.

Mr Mansour has called for restraint and ordered a judicial inquiry into the clashes.

A statement released by his office noting that the deaths followed an attempt to storm the Republican Guard's headquarters by protesters.