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Washington and its allies ensure political cover to terrorists in Syria, says Foreign Ministry

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has blasted the remarks and attitudes of Washington and its allies towards the events in the country, stressing that they aim at providing political cover to the armed terrorist groups and at spurring against the Syrian government  combating terrorism.

An official at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA today: "Whenever the Syrian armed forces perform its constitutional duty with respect to defending the Syrian citizens against terrorism of Takfiri groups and restoring stability and security to the country, the US and its allies  involved in conspiracy against Syria and in shedding the Syrian blood keep issuing remarks and attitudes that aim at providing political cover to the armed terrorist groups."

"These states (the US and its allies) launched a misleading campaign and fabrications aiming to spur against the Syrian government because of the ongoing military operations that seek to restore stability and security to Homs city and to combat the armed groups' terrorism."


It reiterated that these states, which are practicing hypocrisy and claim keenness on the Syrian civilians' safety, have turned blind eye to the crimes perpetrated by the terrorist groups against citizens in Homs city and have offered military and logistic support to the armed terrorist groups to elongate violence and terrorism.

Official request to aid besieged citizens in Homs

On the other hand, the source cited that the Syrian government today officially asked the International Red Cross Committee to dispatch humanitarian aid in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization to the besieged citizens, who are being used as human shields by the terrorist groups, in Old Homs City.

The government, according to the source, also asked for evacuating  the citizens from the city through safe corridors.

Army's operations in accord with national responsibility'

"Syria underscores that the efforts being exerted by its valiant armed forces to restore stability and security across the country and to help citizens return to their homes- which they fled because of Takfiri groups' terrorist acts- are in accord with their national responsibilities and come within the framework of the Syrian government's adherence to combating all forms of terrorism," the source concluded.

Basma Qaddour