President al-Assad issues Law No. 18

Damascus, (ST)_President Bashar al-Assad issued on Thursday Law No. 18 for the year 2013. The said law provides for amending the Law No. 29 for the year 2012 on the penalties imposed on the persons who are working illegally  in  the currency exchange, and those who transfer local or foreign currencies in and out  Syria without a license.

"anyone who violates the provisions of paragraph (A) of Article 7 of this law and practices the currency exchange profession without a license is punishable with temporary arrest for a period not less than three years and not more than ten years, and the confiscation of the sums seized in cash or any sums recorded on paper or electronic registers and bonds that carry a monetary value, and a fine threefold the confiscated sum, which is not less than SYP five mln,"the law reads.

President al-Assad issues law no. 17 on establishing solar water heater support fund

President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday issued Law No. 17 for the year 2013.

The law provides for  establishing a fund to support the domestic solar water heater at the Ministry of Electricity.

The fund aims to make citizens aware of the importance of renewable energies and their role in sustainable energy resources, environmental protection and rationalizing the use of traditional energy sources, and encouraging the use of solar energy in water heating for domestic purposes.