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Official Source: Collapse of Moslem Brotherhood Type of Leadership Affirms Failure of Political Islam in Leading the State

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Egypt yesterday witnessed a historical turning point indicating the Egyptian people's awareness and stressing their adherence to Arabism and rejection of foreign interference in their national affairs and of any attempt to violate Egypt's sovereignty, a  Syrian official source said on Thursday.

In a statement, the source added "Our people in Egypt have reiterated Egypt's leading nationalist role and affirmed their ability to defend the country's interests, civilization and humanitarian history."  

"The collapse of the Moslem Brotherhood type of leadership has once again stressed the disability of political Islam forces to lead the state,  preserve the cultural diversity and freedoms and build a national state that expresses and maintains Egypt's  history," the source said.

It stressed that the Syrian people, leadership and army deeply appreciate the popular national move in Egypt as it attained a great achievement.

"Syria asserts that what happened in Egypt is a deep and historical turning point which unfolds a deeply rooted will to preserve democracy, diversity and political pluralism, and to reject Moslem Brotherhood type of leading the state not only in Egypt, but also in the entire region and the world," the source added.

The source pointed out that Egypt has for long been an example to be followed." We think that countries of the world need to make such a change to entirely eliminate failed leadership experiences which have been transgressive to Islam, nations, history and human beings."

The source extended the congratulations of the Syrian people, leadership and army to the Egyptian people,  army and national forces on this victory and urged the brotherly Egyptian people, Syria's partner in building , development and destiny, to keep this victory and defend it.

 The source also stressed Syria's complete support for the brotherly people of Egypt.       

H. Mustafa