Egypt's security and unity 'national duty',says al-Zou'bi

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ " Egypt's security, safety and unity are a national duty", underscored Information Minister, Omran al-Zou'bi .

"the ongoing crisis in Egypt could be resolved  if Mohammad Morsi realized that the overwhelming majority of the Egyptians want him to step down, "affirmed al-Zou'bi.

Addressing  reporters  on Wednesday, al-Zoubi underlined " politically speaking, the Egyptian people ''have a long experience ,'' affirming that the nation has to support  the Egyptian people against the terrorism of "Muslim Brotherhood".

As for Hamas, the minister made it clear that ''Hamas has to decide: either a resistance movement or a "Brotherhood" organization…It cannot have them both…"Muslim Brothers" are US tools, while resistance is against Israel and US hegemony.''

Furthermore ,al-Zou'bi stressed  that Hamas has to dissociate itself from Morsi's regime and to distance itself away from  its  outrageous stance on Syria by siding with terrorists.