Correa Voices Solidarity with Syria

QUITO, (ST)- "Ecuador  totally voices solidarity with Syria, as leadership and people, in the face of war  waged against it  by the global imperialism, "underscored Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa,according to  Xinhua.

"Actually, it is an open book and everything is clear  … what Syria is facing  a conspiracy, not demands for democracy, "added  President Correa .

Correa's comments came during an inauguration held in the country's National Assembly.

 The swearing-in took place before Gabriela Rivadeneira,the newly-elected 29-year-old President of the National Assembly."Now, the Citizen Revolution is on track. It is the revolution of the poor ,"said Rivadeneira.

Some 10 heads of state and 90 delegations from different countries and international organizations attended the inauguration ceremony .Among them were Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ,Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and Syria's ambassador to Venezuela Ghassan Abbas.

Abbas, who represented Syria at the ceremony ,conveyed President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government's congratulations to President Correa who in turn conveyed his heartfelt wishes to President al-Assad.

" Ecuador supports and  in solidarity with Syria at all international arenas against the new colonial attack, "commented Ecuador Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino after meeting Abbas.

Correa started his new term as president with an approval rating of 63 percent, becoming the first Ecuadorian president who has been reelected twice in 30 years.