Sayyed Nasralah: US-backed takfiri plot threatens region


BEIRUT,(ST)_Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hasan Nasralah, has underscored that the US seeks to have hegemony over the region through the Takfiri plot which it backs and funds.

In a speech he delivered on the occasion of the 13 anniversary of Resistance and Liberation Day, Sayyed Nasralah said: " Syria has became a battlefield to impose a political plot drown up by America and its allies in the region ..Syria has backed resistance, so this resistance can not remain a mere bystander." 

He added that if Syria fell in the hands of America, Israel and the Takfiris, the future of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and the whole region would be dark.

"What is going on in Syria is very important to Lebanon… . Since the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, we said that some of popular demands are right and there are positive and negative features," Sayyed Nasralah said, noting hat dialogue is the only way to realize reform.

He made it clear that what is going on in Syria has nothing to do with reforms or revolution of the people against the 'regime'.

Opposition rejects dialogue

Sayyed Nasralah, in addition, cited that the Syrian leadership has accepted to sit on the table of negotiation while the opposition has rejected this and insists on its stance until now, in the hope that the regime will be toppled in a short time.

"The takfiris and gunmen have entered Syria after being granted the necessary facilitations…this matter did not bother those who met in Jordan under the name 'Friends of Syria', Sayyed Nasralah said,  adding that those who are fighting in Syria affiliate to the so called ' The Islamic State of Iraq' organization  which have claimed operations against Iraqis from different sects.

He asked: ''Does the outside opposition have any leverage over the armed groups which have captured some areas?'', noting that everyone knows that Takfiri thinking dominates the armed groups that are being supported by some Arab states.

"If the takfiri groups control Syria or Syrian provinces, particularly those adjacent to the Lebanese border, Lebanon and all the Lebanese people will be at risk," he said.

Sayyed Nasralah stressed that the US works to prevent Syria from possessing air-defense systems while it sells billion-worth arms to other Arab states because there are guarantees that these arms are not to be used against Israel.

B. Qaddour