Erdogan's Reckless Policy

It is obvious that Turkey's  Justice and Development Party(JDP) played the greatest regional  role in  the conspiracy against Syria. This appeared clearly in the continued cooperation with Israel, which has not stopped from the very beginning of Syria's crisis. And Erdogan  cannot  deceive  his people and the people  of all region any more especially  through his verbal hostility to Israel.

Erdogan  and  Davutoglu created the  idea of" the Conference of the  Friends of Syria ". In fact,  it is  their  "conspiracy" against the Syrians was foiled by the strong strikes of the brave Syrian army against terrorists.

Actually , US and Israel are satisfied with the only  role of Turkey  in the crisis in Syria. Furthermore, they exert great efforts to dominate the southern borders of Syria by pressing on  Jordan to open its borders for weapons, armed groups and to open its airspace for Israeli warplanes.

 It seems clearly that  the US began to review its policy  on more than one level despite its double standard policy towards the crisis in Syria. That the US went recently to rapprochement with Russia to find a peaceful solution  in Syria  weakened  Erdogan's  stance  by revealing  his wrong "personal" policies " towards Syria.

Turkey's Erdogan has not estimated the strength of  the  Syrian army and the incomparable steadfastness of Syrians.

 Thus, Erdogan's reckless policy loses international support and Turkey has no place in the upcoming dialogue about the crisis in Syria, and the recent terrorist bombings in the Turkish border city al-Rihaniyya is but a product of the policy of supporting terrorism in the region as a whole.

Ahmad Orabi  Baaj    

Edited& Translated: M. Wassouf