Syrian researcher named Head of the International Scientific Conference to held in India next year

The Syrian student and researcher, Eng. Hassan Al-Helou, was named Head of the International Scientific Conference that deals with the latest developments in the field of electrical power engineering and control technologies and that is to be held next March in India at the invitation of Dr. Nidhi Singh, the conference supervisor.

Al-Helou graduated from Tishreen University in Syria’s Lattakia coming first among his colleagues. He was appointed a lecturer at the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Power Engineering. Then, he was sent to Iran where he is currently doing a Ph.D at the Isfahan University of Industry and Technology.

Al-Helou has done several research works published in the most prestigious international scientific magazines. He was internationally honored on several occasions, most important of which was when he was granted a certificate of appreciation and considered among the most influential researchers in the world in his specialization.

 Hamda Mustafa