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Despite the war and the unjust blockade, the Syrian General Organization of Books has issued 138 books since the beginning of the year

The Directorate of Printing in the Syrian General Organization of Book since the beginning of the year to date has issued 138 books, out of the plan for the year 2020, which is limited to 220 books.

Despite the quarantine measures to confront the Corona pandemic and the effects of the terrorist war and the unfair siege on Syria, the Directorate of Printing has continued to publish books, magazines and periodicals dealing with various fields of creativity distinguished in quantity and quality.


Director of the Directorate of Printing Anas Al-Hassan stated that the Directorate is working hard with all its cadres to overcome the difficulties to provide distinguished publications which  produced by workers who work under exceptional circumstances in order to compensate with their expertise the lack of resources and equipment and the high prices of paper and raw materials for the printing process.

He said  that the directorate was able to bypass the work plan for the past year( 2019)  and issued 285 out of 220 books including children's publications, authorship, translation and heritage revival.