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Homs hosts its first book fair specialized in the Syrian and translated novel

Homs, (ST) - With the participation of several Syrian institutions and publishing houses, the city of Homs is hosting the "The Syrian and Translated Novel" exhibition, held for the first time. The exhibition hosted by the Al-Irshad Publishing Library Gallery in Homs, is held in cooperation between the Culture Directorate and the Arab Writers Union Branch in Homs.

The director of Al-Irshad Publishing House, Abdul-Jabbar Al-Jandali, told SANA that the idea of holding the exhibition stemmed from the interest of the majority of readers in the novel and story and the impact of the economic situation on their passion for reading. This prompted the organizers of the exhibition to launch an event that satisfies the reading audience's passion and at the same time takes into account their economic circumstances.

Al-Jandali explained that the displayed publications include Syrian and translated novels by the Arab Writers Union and the Culture Directorate, with discounts exceeding 50 percent, stressing that the high turnout for the exhibition led to a one-week extension with the increase in discounts for novels.

The Head of the Arab Writers Union in Homs, Abdul Rahman Al-Bitar, said that the idea of reading would not end despite the great challenges that it faces, which motivates us to support the segment of readers and increase their number. "The exhibition has a certain specificity because it is specialized in the novel, which is one of the important literary genres in the development of language and intellectual movement. It is close to readers and deals with general issues in a manner based on dialogue and smooth narration, in contrast to the scientific method of research", he added.

The writer Eid Darwish, head of the Writers Union branch in Raqqa, explained that the exhibition is a good precedent in the field of culture because the passion for reading is still present among readers who have not given up reading despite the difficult economic conditions and the harsh financial situation.

Darwish emphasized that cultural activity in Raqqa continues through the communication of writers and intellectuals of Raqqa with the directorates of culture in the governorates to practice their cultural activities wherever they are.

The writer Saree'a Hadid pointed to the richness and diversity of the presented titles, especially international novels with the Syrian translation, the award-winning novels, in addition to being acquainted with the Syrian novels that did not receive the fame they deserve, which leads to highlighting the literature and cultural movement in Syria and confirms their recovery.

Amal Farhat