The Turkish regime pursues aggressive and blackmailing policies, says Czech parliamentarian

Prague, (ST) - A member of the Czech House of Representatives, Yerge Kubza, criticized the silence of the European Union about the aggressive policies pursued by the Turkish regime against Syria, Iraq and Libya, its threat to Cyprus and Greece, and its military intervention in the ongoing escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In a comment published today on his Facebook page, Kubza indicated that, the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “is not content with that, but extorts Europe over the issue of migrants and continues with his repressive policies, despite this, the European Union has not imposed any sanctions on him neither has it condemned his actions,”considering that the West is now busy with sabotaging Belarus and interfering in its internal affairs.

"Instead of stopping Erdogan alone, the European Union is sending billions of dollars in aid to finance its wars of aggression," Kubza added.

Raghda Sawas