Al-Jaafari: The West distorts scientific facts & fabricates lies regarding Syria's chemical file

 New York (ST): Syria's permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari affirmed that the representatives of some Western states deliberately distort scientific facts and fabricate lies regarding Syria's chemical files stressing the necessity of closing this file completely because Syria had met all the commitments that emerged when it joined the treaty that bans chemical weapons and has destroyed all its chemical arsenal since 2014.

During an informal UN Security Council meeting held last night via video conference at the request of Russia and China on Syria's chemical file, al-Jaafari referred to the grave wrongdoings and mistakes that dominated the work of the UN Disarmament Office and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, pointing out that Syria cooperated with the UN and the OPCW to eliminate its chemical weapons and settle all pending issues, and this requires halting manipulation of this file and closing it completely as soon as possible because Syria had met all its commitments and destroyed all its chemical weapons and this was documented by the head of the joint mission in charge of eliminating the chemical weapons in Syria Sagred Kagh who submitted her final report to the UNSC affirming that Syria had met all its commitments and destroyed all its chemical weapons on board a US ship, adding that the same issue was affirmed by the OPCW which said that all the 27 facilities dedicated to produce chemical weapons were destroyed.


The Syrian diplomat renewed Syria's denunciation of the pressure put by some hostile Western states on the UN representatives and the OPCW with the aim of politicizing the chemical file in Syria and providing a market for groundless allegations, noting that the representatives of some Western states have been adopting lies as an approach to distort scientific facts regarding Syrian chemical files.

Ian Henderson, the former OPCW inspector, who was expelled from the Organization, because he disclosed the manipulation that took place during the investigations on the allegations of using chemical weapons in Syria, took part in the meeting and made an intervention in which he presented a scientific refutation of the Western groundless allegations.